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Verbal Reasoning: Blood Relationship Test

Know what is Blood Relationship Test and how to solve blood relation problems with examples.

In the field of reasoning, one common topic that often comes up is the blood relationship test. This test is designed to assess an individual’s ability to analyze and understand the relationships between different family members.

It is a crucial skill in various competitive exams and job interviews. The blood relationship test evaluates a person’s logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. It requires the candidate to decipher complex family trees and determine the relationships between various individuals.

There are questions designed for Blood Relationship Tests in various competitive exams, including SSC, PSC, Bank, Railway, Insurance and other State Level Govt. Exams. Learning the proper techniques to solve blood relationship test problems will help. aspirants to score better.

The family relationship test or the blood relationship test is about the relationship of a particular person with another person in the same family based on the chain of relationships between other members of that family.

The candidate is given a problem depicting relationships among the various members of a family in a roundabout chain, and he has to decipher the vital link that would provide a clue to the relation of two particular persons as asked in the question.

Since success in these types of tests largely depends on the candidate’s knowledge of family relationships, one should acquire the same in earnest.

Having acquired such knowledge while answering reasoning questions on family relationships, the candidate should sketch the situation by making a diagram based on the statements given in the direction part of the question. This would make the chain of relationships clear and in front of the eyes for conclusions.

Example: Blood Relation Test

Question: A man pointing to a photograph says, “The lady in the photograph is my nephew’s maternal grandmother”. How is the lady in the photograph related to the man’s sister, who has no other sister?

Answer: Mother.

Because the lady is the grandmother of the man’s sister’s son, clearly, she is the mother of the man’s sister, as well as his own mother.

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