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Alphabet Test

Alphabet Test is one of the important topics in the Verbal Reasoning section. Know how to solve alphabet test problems with examples.

In various competitive exams including SSC, Bank, IBPS, PSC, Insurance and other state-level exams questions are asked from the Alphabet Test topic. Learning the correct technique to solve Alphabet Test problems will help you to score better in your exam. 

In alphabet tests, the questions are based on the understanding of the position of letters in the English alphabet. In a dictionary, the words are arranged in alphabetical order. The words beginning with the same letter are again arranged alphabetically with respect to the second letter in the word and so on. In order to solve questions on order arrangement we may have to compare all the letters sequentially.

What are Alphabet Tests?

Alphabet tests are an essential tool for assessing an individual’s problem-solving skills. These tests are designed in a way to evaluate a person’s ability to recognize, arrange and differentiate between letters, and numbers as well as their understanding of the order and sequence of the alphabet.

By assessing a person’s knowledge of the alphabetical order or sequence of numbers, these tests can help identify any gaps or areas of weakness that may need to be addressed. In exams, the recruiter tests the candidate’s ability in problem-solving and decision-making with various problems on Alphabet tests.

There are several ways to solve those problems related to Alphabet Tests. Here is the direction to solve alphabet test problems with examples.

Direction to Solve Alphabet Test

Each of the reasoning questions on the Alphabet Test contains different words which begin with the same letter but are not in the same order as they appear in the dictionary. Rearrange them in alphabetical order and pick the one that comes first.

Example :

Question 1. Arrange the below words in alphabetical order.

  1. Tribe
  2. Truant
  3. Tapestry
  4. Tact
  5. Tumult

Answer: Tact-Tapestry-Tribe-Truant-Tumult

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