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Science, Arts, or Commerce – Which Stream is Best After 10th?


Have you just got the result of your 10th board exam? Well, congratulations! But this is where you have to decide about your future. No wonder you will be offered different options of Commerce, Science and Arts to choose from, but selecting one depends on your dreams and aspirations.

Which stream is best after 10th?

If you are confused, no problem, as this is a common scenario for most of the students. Therefore before moving ahead, let us find out in detail about the streams.

Science :

Science is mostly preferred by students who want to pursue a career in Engineering and the Medical Field. The prime subjects included in this stream are:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • English ( Depending on the school)

Commerce :

Students who are interested in business, trading, economics, and finance can get the most from their careers. The subjects included in this stream are:

  • Accounts
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • English

Arts or Humanities :

For students who have the knack and ability to learn everything, arts can be a great choice. With multiple career options, it is one of the most common choices. The subjects include:

Now that you have got a basic knowledge of the subjects, we will take a look at the way to choose.

  • What is your Interest? The first and foremost thing that you need to know is about your interest. If you are more into the science subjects and perform well in them, it clearly means that Science will be a great choice. You must know that since you have to continue studying until you are interested, it can become a challenge.
  • What is your Strength? Once you have checked about the interest, you should ensure that your interest matches your strengths. There are times when students are inclined to Science, but the scorecard says that you are better in the subjects of Arts. Therefore in such a scenario, a logical decision would always be to choose Arts.
  • What are the future prospects? When you are choosing a subject, you must know that your career will depend on your choice. Therefore before you move into any stream, you must be sure that the future prospects offered are something that you want to work with.
  • What is the stream all about? The three different streams have three different values in people’s life. As you have checked from the subjects that Science is more about medical and engineering, Commerce is more into finance and businesses and Arts is more into literature, media, and others. Therefore if you are choosing a stream, you must be ready to carry forward with the career choices that you can get from it.
  • What is the total financial expense? Now that you have checked the subjects and know this stream in detail, check the budget you need to invest in order to continue a great career. Therefore make sure that you are discussing with your family and their reviews.

If there are no financial constraints, you can choose as per the needs.

Choose the Right Stream After 10th

Hopefully, this will help you to make the right choice of subjects and choose the best stream after 10th. Remember, a step taken by you today will dictate your future.

Best of luck!

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