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About History

History is the record of past events. Important events of different ages and of different countries are to be found in it. It covers the account of not only the land of one’s birth, but also the entire world. From history we come to know how the people in the very ancient time lived. It also tells us of some notable incidents of recent times.

View of Indian History

Historical monuments and memorials are an example of many great achievements of the past. Scholars and researchers have studied them to discover many unknown things about the ancestors of men. The pyramids of Egypt, The Tajmahal at agra, Victory tower at Chitorgarh and many ancient forts and ruined palaces all over the world are relics of the past glories of illustrious men. The ruins of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa and those of Nalanda, which are found after excavations, also throw interesting searchlight on how people in very ancient times made material and intellectual progress.

Importance of History

The study of history is of great importance to us. It removes the narrowness of our outlook and helps us realize the essential affinity of men throughout the world. History tells us how people in the past succeeded and where they erred. This certainly helps us in following the right course in our life avoiding the pitfalls. Thus, history is a great teacher. History however should be studied dispassionately. Study of history should not lead to too much aggressive nationalism or to great cynical hatred of a country. If the study is made in the right spirit it will make men really benefited.