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What is history?

1997 - Prinshep Diana died on an road accident near Road Tunel.

1999 - To challenge Dollar, Common currency Euro started on 1st January by the joint venture of 11 countries.But Britain, Sweden and Denmark not participated in this program.

1789 - Bastin Fort Destroyed. At that time the last king of France was Sorosh Lui.

1917 - Bolsevik(Communist) came into power. Lenin also came into power after killing last Jar Nicolas.

1776 - British are get back from America with the leadership of Goeorge Washington. America got freedom.

1948 - International Human Rights declared. Reneka Sin got Nobel Prize in 1968.

1939 - Germany invades Poland. Beginning of World War II.

1893 - Mao Zedong chairman of People Republic of China Born.

1997 - British return from Hongkong to China.

1990 - South African President Nelson Mandela get out of jail after a 27 years of prisonment.

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