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Welcome to the Geography portal.

Georaphy is the study about earth and its atmosphere, lands, rivers, nature of various planets and more..

These tutorials helps you to know about peoples and its environment.

About geography

Geography actually tells about the whole Earth as a planet. It is about the movement of the Earth- Rotation and revolution and their effects of formation. Actually in simple words all the branches of science is hiding upon Geography.

Geography is divided into two major parts,

  • 1. Human geography.
  • 2. Physical geography.

Human geography tells us all about the human culture and its effects on earth. And,

Physical geography covers all the topics about earth, nature, soil, mountains, water, land etc.

Geography of India

India is a land of diversity. From the physical side it has all the variety like the ocean, sea, rivers, Mountain, hill, forest and jungle, Deserts and Plains etc.

Indian Geography tells us about the location and physiographic regions of India. With respect to Political divisions of India it is divided into states and union territories. Their reorganisations since 1950 are stated in a broad and general manner. It states about India’s neighbouring countries: Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, Srilanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Geographical importance touching upon relief, drainage, climate, natural vegetation, soils, irrigation, major agricultural crops (rice, wheat, millets, jute, tea, coffee, sugarcane, cotton, oilseeds), power resources and minerals, textiles etc.