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Rivers of India


River form an important physical feature of a country just as the mountains and the seas. In fact the rivers are the connectors between the mountains and the seas. Rivers generally originate from the snowy top of a mountain and flow down the slopes and the plains, finally to meet the sea. A river does not grow in width and depth until it comes down to the plains and moves towards the sea.

Usefulness of river

As a river flows along the plains it erodes its either sides and carries the soil and the rocks up to its estuary where they are deposited often to form a delta. During the flow tide a river overflows its banks and covers them with its alluvial soil making the land fertile. We know that because of this Egypt is called the gift of the Nile. The river also provides passage from one place to another. In ancients time the merchants used to carry their merchandise along the rivers. Because of all these, most important cities and towns developed along the banks of rivers.

But rivers are not always the benefactors of man. Often during the monsoon the rivers overflow the blanks flooding vast areas. As a result numerous houses are damaged. Property worth Crores is lost beyond recovery. Thousands of people either die or become homeless. The rivers cause great damage to human life and property. Still we should consider the rivers as great friends of man. The gift of rivers is not only water for drinking and washing, it has other uses. It makes the land fertile, and acts as a means of transport. All these are essential for us.

Indian Rivers and its length, source and end

Ganges2,525 KmKumayun of HimalayasBay of bengal
Indus3,200(700 km in India)Lake Manasarovar,TibetArabian Sea
Brahmaputra2,900(885 km in India)Chemayungdung Glacier(Near Manas Sarobar)Bay of bengal
Yamuna1,376 KmYamunotri GlacierGanges River
Bhagirathi205 KmGangotri Glacier
Narmada1,312 KmAmarkantak HillGulf of Cambay/Khambhat
Tapti724 KmMahadev HillGulf of Cambay/Khambhat
Godavari1,465 KmWestern Ghat mountainBay of bengal
Krishna1,290 KmWestern Ghat mountainBay of bengal
Kaveri765 KmBrahmagiri HillBay of bengal
Mahanadi858 KmSihawa,MadhyapradeshBay of bengal
Sabarmati371 KmAravalli RangeGulf of Cambay/Khambhat,Arabian Sea
Brahmani480 KmBay of bengal
Baitarani360 KmBay of bengal
Subarnarekha433 KmBay of bengal
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