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Festivals of India

Festivals are of great importance to the socio-cultural life of Indian People. On the occasion of a festival people forget their caste and religion and freely mix together in a mood of gaiety. During a festival friends and relatives who stay far away from one another, meet together and mixed into the joy of reunion. Festival provides various kinds of artisans and workers with temporary employment and helps many tradesmen to earn some extra amount.

Indian Festivals

Most of the festivals in India are religious. People belonging to different religions live in India. Each religion provides for a number of festivals in a year.

The worship of the Goddess Durga is the greatest festivals of the Hindus while Idulfetar is the greatest of the Muslim festivals. The Christians celebrate Christmas with lot of ceremony and enthusiasm. Worship of goddess Kali provide an occasion for enjoyment to the Bengalese. Holi is one the common festivals enjoyed in all over the India.

Recently apart from these, some social and economic festivities are added like the annual book fair, lexpo, industrial fair etc. The birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Independence Day, Republic day, Children’s day, Teacher’s day etc. also provide the people of India with opportunities to celebrate these famous days as festive occasions.

Festival’s celebrated in different states in India:

Festival NameCelebrated in
TeejRajasthan,Madhya Pradesh
TagrajaTamil Nadu
Puskar melaRajasthan
KarhkariAndhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu,Karnataka
Ganesh ChathurthiMaharashtra
PongalTamil Nadu
JwalamukhiHimachal Pradesh
BonaluAndhra Pradesh
BathukammaAndhra Pradesh
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