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Largest, Longest, Tallest, Biggest things in the World

Here, we have listed the largest, longest, tallest and biggest thing in the world. Check the complete list below.

In Govt. competitive exams, including SSC, PSC, IBPS bank, Railway, and Defense, questions are asked from the largest and longest things in the World. Some items in our lists are naturally built or artificially made by humans, we have covered all these important things, including animals and birds in our list.

You will find the largest and longest rivers, mountains, lakes, peaks, animals, and more on our list.

List of Largest, Longest, Tallest, and Highest things in the World

TypePlace and Things
Largest IslandGreenland
Largest River islandMajuli
Longest WallWall of China
Longest RiverNile (6,650 Km)
Highest Mountain PeakMount Everest
Second Highest PeakK2 / Godwin Austin
Third Highest PeakKanchanjangha
Largest Saltwater lakeCaspian Sea
Largest Sweat Water (Freshwater) LakeLake Superior
Largest continentAsia
Largest ArchipelagoIndonesia
Largest Coral FormationBahrin
Largest DeltasSundarban Delta formed by river Ganga and Brahmaputra, India
Largest DesertSahara
Largest GulfGulf of Mexico
Highest Mountain rangeThe Himalayas
Longest Mountain rangeAndes (7,000 km, South America)
Longest RailwayTrans-Siberian Railway (9,289 km)
Longest Railway BridgeDan Yang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, Beijing, China
Tallest BuildingBurj Khalifa, Dubai, U.A.E.
Largest VolcanoMauna Loa (Hawaii Big Island)
Deepest LakeBaikal (1,642 mtr / 5,387 ft, Russia-Mongolia)
Highest LakeLake Titika
Largest Artificial LakeLake Volta
Largest DamThe Three Georges Dam
Largest MosqueMasjid-al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Largest DiamondThe Cullinan
Longest EpicThe Mahabharata
Biggest BellTsar Bell, Moscow
Biggest LibraryNational Kiev Library, Moscow and Library of the Congress

Bird and Animals: Largest, Longest, Tallest, Highest

TypeBirds and Animals
Tallest AnimalGiraffe
Fastest AnimalCheetah (Updated-Peregrine Falcon bird)
Fastest BirdPeregrine Falcon
Largest BirdOstrich
Longest Wing spread birdSooty Albatross
Longest Jump AnimalKangaroo
Largest Land AnimalAfrican Bush Animal
Largest Sea-BirdAlbatross
Most Intelligent AnimalChimpanzee

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