Different layers of earth atmosphere

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Different layers of earth atmosphere


The lowest layer of the earth's atmosphere. It consists of sky, dust particles and etc. It is the most untamed(disquiet) layer of the earth's atmosphere.


In this layer wind is quite. No water vapour is there and temparature is low and constant. There are lots of ozone layers present on the top of the startosphere. This is the perfect layer for air plane.


The layer above the stratosphere is called mesosphere. In this layer the temparature is the lowest.


The layer thermosphere is situated above mesosphere. It is the 2nd highest layer earth's atmosphere.


Ionosphere is the lower part of thermosphere. In this layer all the gases are presents as "ions". Ionosphere absorbs and reflects radio waves.


The layer above 500 km is called exosphere.


In magnetosphere the whole earth behaves like a magnet.

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