World News Agencies

About News agencies

News agencies are organisations that help news organisations to get news reports. News agencies have a number of journalists whose duty is to collect report from various place and situations. After collecting those reports those journalists hand over all the reports (In text form or multimedia type reports, audio-video, etc) to those news agencies they are work for. Now if a news organisation wants a report then they buy it from a news organisation. After buying the reports the news organisations represent those reports in the form of Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television, web, Broadcasting etc.

The oldest news agency of the world is Agency France Press known as AFP.

Characteristics and Services

Some of the common characteristics of a news agency are;

i) News agencies can work alone or in a group.

ii) Journalists are the entity of the news agencies.

iii) News agencies sell news to other news organisation.

iv) News agencies can be a private organisation or sometimes controlled by the government.

v) The news sells by the news agencies can be modified by the news organisation.

vi) Most of the news contents are not modified or little modified.

Some News Agencies

Interfax is a Russian news agency based on Moscow. It is a Private organisation. It helps to collect news reports from Russia, china and some other nearly countries or places.

Xinhua News Agency is a news agency based on China. It has a wide network channel of collecting reports from different places of china.

Press Association is on the largest news agency in UK and Ireland. It collects news content in multiple forms like text, images, audio, video etc.

Countries and their news agencies
CountriesNews agencies
ArabArab news agency
AustraliaAustralian Associated press
BangladeshBangladesh sangbad sangsthan(BSS)
ChinaChina news service
Czech republicCetaka
FranceAgence France presse(AFP)
IndiaPress trust of India(PTI)
United news of India(UNI)
Indo-Asian news service
Hindustan Samachar
Samachar Bharti
Japan-TokyoKyodo news
KyroAssociated press of pakistan
Ria Novosti
Information telegraph agency of Russia
United kingdomReuters
United statesUnited press International
Associated press(AP)
International news service
QatarQatar news agency
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