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What is Agriculture

Professor Jimerman says that people try to fulfil their own demands by producing grains with the help of plants and creatures of our environment. That is called as Agriculture. So, agriculture includes cultivation of grains (Rice, wheat, peas, Jute, Garlic, Sesame seed, Cashew nut, sunflower seed, Millet, etc.), animals, fish , meat, eggs and collecting forest products etc.

Agriculture in India

India is a nation that made most of the profit from agricultural activity. Indian government always give importance to the agriculture of India and try to innovate something for better agriculture. Since the Independence; as the population of India gets increase day by day, the cultivation of crops getting higher than the past. Now government bring lots of facilities (Free tutorial for farming, seeds, and loans from banks for farming etc.) for the farmers to improve the agriculture of India.

Type of Agriculture

Dry farming: Dry farming is done on the land that has low level of Rainfall (Below 50 cm.). Ex: Maize is the main crop of dry farming.

Mixed farming: In Mixed farming cultivation of animals, poultry farms, dairy products also done beside of other grains.

Double Cropping: In Double Cropping technique crops are cultivated two times in a season.

Track farming: In this farming technique crops (vegetables, fruits, flowers etc.) are exported to the markets by truck.

Grain Producing States in India

Rice West bengal, Uttarpradesh, Andhrapradesh
Jute West bengal, Bihar, Assam
Wheat Uttarpradesh, Punjab, Haryana
Potato Uttarpradesh, West bengal, Bihar
Sugarcane Uttarpradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra
Onion Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka
Tobacco Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West bengal, Maharashtra, Uttarpradesh
Barley Uttarpradesh, Madhyapradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab
Jower Karnataka, Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra, Madhyapradesh
Bajra Uttarpradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana
Groundnut Andhrapradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat
Cashew Nuts Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhrapradesh
Coconut Karnataka, Kerala, West bengal, Tamilnadu
Rapeseed & Mustard Punjab, Haryana, Uttarpradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan
Maize Bihar, Uttarpradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan
Silk West bengal, Karnataka, Kerala
Turmeric Tamil Nadu, Andhrapradesh, Odisha
Cardamom Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim
Pepper Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
Ginger Uttarpradesh, Meghalaya, Kerala

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