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Geographical Epithets

Epithets or byname of places refers to the name of a place or thing called as for a common purpose. Some geographical Places have their real name. But sometimes to glorify a place we called them using their bynames. That has various meaning according to its geographical area, rivers, land, hill or any other natural resources.

Byname of different places
Blue mountainNilgiri
Beautiful cityChandigarh
City of skycrapersNewyork
City of pyramidsKyro
Land of pyramidsIgypt
City of dreaming sparesOxford
City of palacesKolkata
City of golden gateSan fransisco
City of magnificent buildingsWashington D.C.
Cockpit of europeBelgium
Dark continentAfrica
Eternal cityRome
Forbidden cityLasa(Tibbet)
Gate of tearsBub-el-mandeb-strait
Granite cityAbordeen(scotland)
Holy landPalestine
Herring pondAtlantic ocean
Hermit kingdomKorea
Island continentAustralia
Island of clovesZanzibar(Africa)
Island of pearlsBaharin
Key to medetarrianGibratter
Pearls of antitlesCuba
Land of golden fleeceAustralia
Land of midnight sunKorea
Land of morning calmNorway
Land of thousand lakesFinland
Land of white elephanntThiland
Land of mappleCanada
Friend of oceanGreat Britain
Land of thunder boltBhutan
Land of cakesScotland
Playground of europeSwitzerland
Piller of herculesZibralter
Pearls of the pacificGuaquill port
Quaqwer cityPhiladelphia
Rice bowl of IndiaKrishna-Godabari delta
Roof of the worldPalmeer plateau
Land of everspringQuito
White cityUdaipur
Busket of wheatUkrain
Vanice of northStalkholm
Windy cityChicago
Yellow riverHoang-Ho
Queen of the adriaticVenice
Gate of heavenly peaceChina
The store house of the worldMexico
Never never landPrairies of N. Australia
Land of mappleCanada
Britain of the southNew Zealand
Battle field of europeBelgium
City of popesRome
Golden city of indiaBangalore
Land of flying fishBarbados
Land of KangarooAustralia
Land of golden pagodaMynamar
Land of humming birdTrinidad
Land of setting sunHawai
Manchester of IndiaAhmedabad
Lady of snowCanada
Little veniceVenejuela
Mother-in-law of europeDenmark
City of motor carDetroit
Spice garden of IndiaKerala
White city in the worldBelgrade
Workshop of europeBelgium
Twin city of IndiaHydrabad and Secunderabad
The eye of GreeceAthens
The modern babylonLondon
City of joyKolkata
Heaven on earthKashmir
Beneras of southMadurai
Emerald islandIreland
Sugar bowl of IndiaUttar pradesh
Lonliest islandIristan De Gunha(Atlantic)