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Biological science

Biology is the study of life and living organisms.

Biology is a natural science that deals with human life, plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and other living organisms.

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Biological Science is about all the things surround us on biosphere.

About the term “Biological Science”

The concept of Biological Science came with the help of Aristotle. He was born on 384 B.C at the town; Stagira and died on 322 B.C. His father was a personal doctor of the King of Masidon. He was inspired by his father to know about the Biological Science.

Part of Biological Science

Biological Science is divided into mainly three parts; Botany, Zoology, Human Physiology. Beside this, Biological Science is also divided into two parts; pure life Science or Pure Biology and Applied Life Science or Applied Biology.

Applied Biology is divided into two parts; Applied plant Science and Applied creature Science.

Access important topics on Biological Science

This portal contains biological features, biological terms, Bacteria, Diseases, virus and their microbes, Vitamin and its chemical names, food sources and deficiency diseases, Scientific names of plants and creatures, human body parts(Blood, Bones, Cells, Hormones, Glands) and more.

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