About Vitamins

What is Vitamin?

In 1881 Scientist Lunin at first examined that protein, fat and water is not enough for a body growth. So, there is a need of a food that can supply complete nutrition to the body. Scientist Hopkins called this type of food as essential food source of human body. In 1911 Scientist Casimir Funk called this food as Vitamin.

Classification of Vitamins:

Vitamin is classified according to its soluble nature. There are two types of vitamins; one is Fat soluble vitamins and other is Water soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A, D, E, and K are Fat soluble vitamins.

Vitamin B, C and P are Water soluble vitamins.

Vitamin and its chemical description, food sources and functions
VitaminsChemical namesChemical formulasFood sourcesDeficiency diseases
ARetinolC20H29OH C10H27OHcod,carrot,milk,butter,fish,egg,green vegetables,liver,orangeNight blindness,hyperkeratosis
B1ThiamineC12H17ON4Segg,nuts,carrot,vegetables,brown rice,beansBeriberi,loss of apetite,heart disease
B2RiboflavinC17H20O6N4liver,egg,milk,green vegetables,nutsAriboflavinosis,hair fall,skin diseases
B3Niacin or pantothenic acidC9H17O5Nliver,egg,meat,milk,peas,potatoesLiver disease,pellagra
B6PyridoxineC8H11O3Nmilk,egg,fish,meat,green vegetables,bananasAnemia,sleeping disorder
B12SinocobalaminC63H88O14N14PCOfish,meat,mil,eggslow growth level,anemia
CAscorbic acidC6H8O6milk,fish,meat,tomatoes,Fruits and vegetablesScurvy
ETocopherolC28H48O2egg,fish,meat,fruits and vegetablesSterility
GNiacin or Nicotinic acidC6H5O2Negg,fish,meat,milk,liver,tomatoes,beanspelegra,anemia,underweight
KPhylloquinone or NapthoquinoneC31H45O2sea fish,egg,milk,meat,vegetables,tomatoesBleeding diathesis
MFolic acidC19H19O6N7egg,liver,green vegetablesanemia,slow growth
PCitrinSLC25A13orange,mango,tomatoes,vegetables and fruits,egg,meatscurvy
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