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Battle and WarPeriodHappened BetweenWinnerAbout
Battle of Hydaspes 326 BC Between Alexander and Puru Alexander Battle fought at the banks of the Hydaspes river (Jhelum river) in Punjab, which is recently it is in Pakistan Region. In greek language it is called Battle of Hydaspes.
Kalinga War 260 BC Between Ashoka(Mauryan Empire) and the King of Kalinga(Odissa) Ashoka Ashoka adopt Buddhism to changed into Dharmashok from Chandrashok.
1st Battle of Tarain 1191 Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori Prithviraj Chauhan
2nd Battle of Tarain 1192 Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori Mohammad Ghori 1st Muslim raj in India
1st Battle of Panipat 1526 Between Ibrahim Lodi and Babar Victory of Mughals Establishment of Mughal Emperor in India
Battle of Khanuar 1527 Babar and Rana Sangha Babar
Battle of Kanauj 1540 Sher Shah and Humaiun Sher Shah Establishment of Sher Shah Emperor in India
2nd Battle of Panipat 1556 Between Akbar and Himu Akbar Establish of Mughal Emperor in India
Battle of Talikota 1564-1565 Between Vijayanagara Empire and the Deccan Sultanates Deccan victoryEnd of Hindu Kingdom in South India
Battle of Haldighat 1576 Between Rana Pratap and Akbar Akbar Rana Pratap bravely fought the battle but after loosing it he escape into the Jungle.
Battle of Samugarh 1659 Aurangazeeb and Dara Aurangazeeb
Battle of Palashi 1757 Between Siraj ud Daulhah and British East India Company (British Leader: Lord Clive) British East India Company Battle of Palashi fought between Bengal Nawab Siraj ud Daulhah and East India Company at Palashi, south of Murshidabad, which is recently in Nadia District of Bengal. Started Ruling of East India Company in Bengal.
3rd Battle of Panipat 1761 Between Ahmad Shah Abdali and Maratha's Ahmad Shah Abdali Marathas lost the control over Punjab and Delhi.
Battle of Bauxer 1764 Mulims and British East India Company East India Company Establishment of ruling power of East India Company in India.
3rd battle of Mahisur 1790-1792 British East India Company and Tipu Sultan East India Company Treaty of Seringapatam
Sikh War 1854 British East India Company And Sikh's East India Company East India Company captured all Sikh States
Indo-Pak War 1948 Between India and Pakistan To get Sovereignty over Kashmir Kashmir.
India-China War 1962 Between China and India China attack North-East region of India.
Indo-Pak War 1965 Between India and Pakistan Pact of Taskhand.
Indo-Pak War 1971 Between India and Pakistan East pakistan became a Free Nation named as "Bangladesh".

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