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Humaun Nama Khaoand AmirAbout the ruling system at the reign of Humaun.
Tuzuk E Babari Babar About the Reign of Babar, Techniques used by armed forces and ruling system.
Akbar Nama Sekh Abul FazalHistory at the time of Akbar.
Tuzuk E Zahangir Mohammad KhanHistory at the time of Zahangir.
Alamagir Nama Munsi Miraz Muhammad KazinAbout the ruling system of Aurangazeeb.
Tarikh E Akbari Abul FazalAbout the Reign of Akbar.
Badshah Nama Abdul HamidAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Shahzahan Nama Mohammad SaliAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Shahzahanama Inaio KhanAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Tahakik E Hind AlbiruniAlbiruni was an Asian Pandit, who wrotes about Das Emperor.
Laila Majnu Amir Khasru
Fatah Zahandari ZiauddinAbout the reign of Tughlak Emperor.
Tarikh E Firoz Shah BaruniAbout the reign of Firozshah Tughlak.
Khamas Amir KhasruLiterature and poetries.
Shahnamh FirdousiAbout the reign period of Mohammad Ghazni.
Ain E Sikandari Amir KhasruBest book of Literature.
Tarikh E Firozshah SamsiHistory of Tughlak's.

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