Books of Mughal Emperor

BookWritten ByAbout
Humaun NamaKhaoand AmirAbout the ruling system at the reign of Humaun.
Tuzuk E BabariBabarAbout the Reign of Babar, Techniques used by armed forces and ruling system.
Akbar NamaSekh Abul FazalHistory at the time of Akbar.
Tuzuk E ZahangirMohammad KhanHistory at the time of Zahangir.
Alamagir NamaMunsi Miraz Muhammad KazinAbout the ruling system of Aurangazeeb.
Tarikh E AkbariAbul FazalAbout the Reign of Akbar.
Badshah NamaAbdul HamidAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Shahzahan NamaMohammad SaliAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
ShahzahanamaInaio KhanAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Tahakik E HindAlbiruniAlbiruni was an Asian Pandit, who wrotes about Das Emperor.
Laila MajnuAmir Khasru
Fatah ZahandariZiauddinAbout the reign of Tughlak Emperor.
Tarikh E Firoz ShahBaruniAbout the reign of Firozshah Tughlak.
KhamasAmir KhasruLiterature and poetries.
ShahnamhFirdousiAbout the reign period of Mohammad Ghazni.
Ain E SikandariAmir KhasruBest book of Literature.
Tarikh E FirozshahSamsiHistory of Tughlak’s.
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