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List of Books of Mughal Emperors

In competitive exams like SSC, Banks, PSC, Railway, Defense and state-level exams, questions are asked about the books of Mughal emperors. Here, we have listed some popular books written by famous Mughal Emperors.

The Mughal Emperors were not only known for their greatness and political skills but also for their patronage of the arts and literature. Many of the Mughal Emperors were avid readers and writers themselves, and they played a significant role in promoting and preserving the literary traditions of their time.

One of the most famous Mughal Emperors, Akbar the Great, had a deep interest in literature and commissioned the translation of several important works from Persian to Arabic. He also established a library known as the “Library of Forty”, which housed a vast collection of books on various subjects, including history, religion, philosophy, and literature.

Jahangir, the son of Akbar, was also known for his love of books. He maintained a personal library and encouraged the translation of Sanskrit texts into Persian. He even wrote his own biography, the “Tuzk-e-Jahangiri,” which provides valuable insights into the Mughal court and his own reign.

Let’s check some of the popular books of the Mughal Empire.

List of Books of Mughal Emperors

BookWritten ByAbout
Humayun NamaKhaoand AmirAbout the ruling system during the reign of Humayun.
Tuzuk E BabariBabarAbout the Reign of Babar, Techniques used by armed forces and ruling system.
Akbar NamaSekh Abul FazalHistory at the time of Akbar.
Tuzuk E ZahangirMohammad KhanHistory at the time of Zahangir.
Alamagir NamaMunsi Miraz Muhammad KazinAbout the ruling system of Aurangazeeb.
Tarikh E AkbariAbul FazalAbout the Reign of Akbar.
Badshah NamaAbdul HamidAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Shahzahan NamaMohammad SaliAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
ShahzahanamaInaio KhanAbout the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Tahakik E HindAlbiruniAlbiruni was an Asian Pandit who wrote about Das Emperor.
Laila MajnuAmir Khasru
Fatah ZahandariZiauddinAbout the reign of Tughlak Emperor.
Tarikh E Firoz ShahBaruniAbout the reign of Firozshah Tughlak.
KhamasAmir KhasruLiterature and poetry.
ShahnamhFirdousiAbout the reign period of Mohammad Ghazni.
Ain E SikandariAmir KhasruBest book of Literature.
Tarikh E FirozshahSamsiHistory of Tughlak’s.