Indian Freedom Movement, Pacts and Laws

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Sepoy Rebellion 1857 Indian First war of Independence
Indian National Congress 1885 Establishment of Indian National Congress by Allan Activian Huam, First President- Umeshchandra Banarjee.
Partition of bengal (Bangabhanga) 1905 Announced by Lord Curzon (viceroy of India).
Lucknow Pact 1916 Pact between Congress and Muslim League.
Civil Disobedience Movement 1920 Mahatma Gandhi act as a leader for Non-violence and Non-cooperation movement
Khilafat Movement 1920 Muslims (Mohammad Ali and Soukat Ali) protest against British Government after their religious leader Khalifa demolish from the power.
Chauri Chaura incident 1922 After a fight between public and Police, 22 policeman died.
Dandi March / Salt March 1930 Gandhiji started his Dandi March from Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad to the Dandi, Gujarat.
Quit India Movement 1946 Gandhi threatens British Company to leave India.
Bengal Sati Regulation 1829 There was a ritual of burning alive the widows of Hindus. Which was declared illegal after the Bengal Sati Regulation passed at the time of Lord William Bentinck. It was possible because of Raja Rammohan Roy.
Ilbert Bill 1883 Ilbert Bill was passed at the time of Viceroy Lord Ripon.
Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 1919 Happenedd at the time of Loard James Ford. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre held on 14th April 1919 at Amritsar by Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer or General Dyer.
Rowlatt Act 1919 Happenedd at the time of Loard Chamesford. Law about the imprisonment of freedom fighters without any judgement.
Simon Commission 1928 Happenedd at the time of Loard Arwin. Aim of this is to study constitutional reform of India.
Gandhi Arwin Pact 1931 Happenedd at the time of Loard Arwin.
Cripps Mission 1942 Happenedd at the time of Loard Linlith Go. Headed by Sir Stafford Cripps. After the World War II it was an attempt of Dominion Ruling in India.

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