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Chronological Indian History with Year and Events

305 BC Seleucus Nicator attack India. At that time Chandragupta Maurya was the Emperor of India.
261 BC Ashoka triumph kalinga
58 BC Vikram era.
78 AD Shalivahana or Saka era started. At that time kaniska was the emperor.
320 AD Gupta Empire was started.
Chandragupta I - Samudragupta - Chandragupta II - Kumargupta - Skandagupta.
Last emperor of gupta era was Budhgupta.
405 AD Faxian(Fa-Hien) visited India when vikramaditya was the emperor.
606-647 AD Harsha Vardhana(As a last emperor) ruled northern India.
647 AD Harsha Vardhana died.
712 AD Mohammad Bin Qasim attack Sindh.
824 AD Adi Sankaracharya died.
900 AD Era of chola.
1000-1026 AD Sultan Mahmud (Emperor of Gazni) reigned in India.
Al biruni(Lives in Morokko) came in India.
1018 AD Sultan Mahmud attack Kannauj.
1025-1026 AD Sultan Mahmud sacked (17 times looted) the somnath temple in Gujrat, India.
1190-1290 AD Muslim empire in North India.
1191 AD First Battle of Tarain between Mohammed Ghori and Prithvi raj Chauhan III.
Victory of Prithvi raj Chauhan III.
1192 AD Second Battle of Tarain. Between Mohammed Ghori and Prithvi Raj Chauhan III.
Victory of Mohammed Ghori.
1206 AD Permanent Muslim empire in the reign of Qutb-ud din Aibak.
Qutb-ud din Aibak killed Mohammed Ghori.
1210-1235 AD Reign period of Iltutmish.
1221 AD Genghis Khan attack India.
1236-1240 AD Reign period of Razia Sultana (First and last female Muslim Emperor).
Construction of Qutb Minar.
1260-1286 AD Balban era.
1296-1320 AD Reign of Ala-ud-din Khalji
1330 AD Muhammad bin Tughluq issue copper currency.
1336 AD Establishment of Vijaynagara Empire.
1347 AD Establishment of Bahamani Empire in south India.
1398 AD Timur/tamerlane plunders Delhi at the reign of Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq.
1469 AD Born of Guru Nanak founder of sikhism.
1498 AD Vasco-de Gama at calicut,a city of kerala.
1526 AD First battle of Panipat between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi. [Babur wins]
Establishment of Mughal empire in north India.
1542 AD Born of Akbar in Umerkot.
1556-1605 AD Reign of Akbar, Second Battle of Panipat between Bairam Khan (Akbar's General) and Hemu (The Hindu king). [Bairam Khan wins]
Restoration of Mughal Empire.
1571 AD Establishment of Fatehpur Sikri by Akbar.
1576 AD Akbar defeats Ranapratap at the battle of Haldighat.
1600 AD East india company get tracking rights in India.
1605 AD Akbar dies.
1612 AD First industry of East India company in surat, at the reign of Jahangir.
1627 AD Birth of Shivaji.
1648 AD ShahJahan completes Taj-Mahal.
1658 AD Shah Jahan dies.
Possition of Shah Jahan gets by Aurangzeb.
1674 AD Shivaji crowned with chhatrapati title at Raigad fort,Maharashtra.
1675 AD Ninth Sikh's guru, Tegh Bahadur killed by the order of Aurangzeb.
1738-1739 AD Nader Shah attack India at the time of Mohammed Shah.
Nader Shah loot the Peacock Throne of Shahjahan to Iran.
1757 AD Battle of palassey between Robert clive and siraj-ud-Dulah[Robert clive win]
East india comapny rule started in India.
1760 AD Battle of Bandisbash.
1761 AD Third battle of Panipat between Ahmad shah Abdali and Balaji Baji Rao. Marathas are lost and routed.
1764 AD Battle of Boxer between Major Manror and mirkashim[Victory of East India company] British era started in India
1793 AD Permanent Settlement by Lord Cornwallis.
1799 AD Fourth Anglo-Mysore war. Tipu sultan died.
1835 AD English language takes place in education system at the reign of Benting by Lord Mackowl.
1853 AD First railway service between Bombay and Thane(32 Km.)
1856 AD Born of Bal Gangadhar Tilak
1885 AD Establishment of Indian National congress [By Allan Octivian Hume]
First meeting of Indian National congress(INC) in bombay, Womesh chandra Banerjee was the president.
1889 AD Jawaharlal Nehru is born.
1906 AD All India Muslim league formed in Dacca,bangladesh. Leader: Aga khan
1911-1912 AD Capital of India transferred from kolkata to Delhi.
1914 AD First World war started.
1916 AD Pact between All India Muslim League and Indian National Congress. Lucknow pact happens.
1917 AD Champaran satyagraha, First satyagraha at Bihar, India.
1918 AD End of First world war.
1919 AD Rowlatt Act or Black Bill passed. Jallianwall bagh massacre in Amritsar.
1920 AD After the Bal Gangadhar Tilak passed Mahatma Gandhi become leader of Indian National Congress (INC).
First Non-cooperation movement.
1922 AD Chourachouri massacre.
End of Non-cooperation movement to wreck the government internally.
1923 AD Swaraj party formed by chittaranjan Das and Motilal Nehru.
1925 AD Chittaranjan Das died.
1929 AD Purna Swaraj resolution by Gandhiji against British Government.
1935 AD Government of India Act.
1939 AD Establishment of All India Forward Bloc by Subhas Chandra Bose.
Second World war started.
1942 AD Quit India movement.
Crips proposal for dominion status establishment of Indian National Army by Subhas Chandra Bose.
1946 AD Cabinet Mission.
1947 AD British raj left from India.
Indian Independence Act 1947.
Pakistan declares as Independent state.
Partition of India.
1950 AD Sardar Vallav vai patel dies.
Republic day.
1952 AD First General Election completed[Started on 1951]
1964 AD Death of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
Lal Bahadur Sashtri becomes prime minister of India.
1965 AD Pakistan attack India through Kutch Sind area.
1966 AD Taskhand pact between India and Pakistan.
1969 AD Madraz named as Tamil Nadu.
1971 AD Third India-Pak war, Pakistan loss.
Bangladesh become Independent country.
Emergency law declares second time.
1975 AD Indira Gandhi declares Emergency.
First India satellite Aryabhata successfully launched.
1977 AD Emergency law get stopped.
1985 AD Pact between Assam and Punjab at the time of Rajib Gandhi.
1989 AD First super computer (Cray-x-MP14) made for nation.
1996 AD First polar satellite launched vehicle (PSLV-D3) successfully launched from India.
1999 AD A. B. Vajpayee makes a trip to Pakistan.
India started operation Vijay (Kargil war) on 26th may to remove pakistani forces.
2000 AD Bill Clinton (US president) visit India to improve relationship.

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