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Online vs Offline Coaching – Which Should be Better for JEE and NEET?

Now it is in trend to take preparation for NEET & JEE, and there is need a guiding of experienced mentors. The guiding Centers may be online or offline. Read through this article to know which should be better for JEE and NEET coaching.

Online vs Offline Coaching-JEE and NEET

Numerous candidates choose the medical and non-medical fields to pursue their careers as doctors and engineers. There are many well-known institutions that guide you in taking preparation for different exams, including NEET, JEE, UPSC,  CAT, GATE, etc. The competition, as well as cut-off marks, are also increasing every year, so it is tough to take preparation properly with self-study to fulfill your dream. That’s why there needs to be a proper coaching institute.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has altered the method of studying, and online coaching has now become the best way to save time for taking preparation without going outside. students can utilize their time for more study remaining at home. In offline classes, students have to go outside, which is time taking the matter.

There are some important facts why a student chooses an online coaching platform for NEET and JEE exam preparation. The vital points are discussed below.

  • Time savings
  • Flexibility
  • Motivation
  • Interaction
  • Live classes and Doubt solution

Time Savings

The most crucial thing for an aspirant who resolves his mind to take preparation for JEE and NEET must learn to manage time. Time is the most valuable thing. Time management is the most important benefit of switching to online coaching. When an aspirant gets sufficient time, he can make a proper study schedule and split his timetable into different parts according to his exam syllabus.

Online coaching offers video lectures that an aspirant can watch from his home without wasting time. There is no requirement to waste extra time going outside.


In offline classes, students are required to present at a scheduled time, and if you miss a class, there is very less opportunity to recover your due classes. Online coaching offers much more flexibility than traditional study methods. Students can watch the recorded classes at any time according to their own time schedule. There is no chance of missing any portion. You also get the opportunity to watch the recorded classes as many times as you can, and it is very much helpful for revision.


There is a drawback in online coaching which is motivation. The aspirants may become less motivated because it occasionally seems to be professional. When you finish your course on time, so you are totally detached from your mentors and start to feel demotivated.

On the contrary, offline coaching will provide you with constant motivation as you can interact with your competitors who infuse you with encouragement. It is very much necessary for a JEE and NEET aspirant to be motivated and hopeful.


Online coaching classes lack corporal interaction between teachers and students. But in offline coaching, students can interact with their teachers along with their friends freely. They can also debate on any topic. Physical presence in a classroom also helps students to be focused and makes them resilient.

Live Class and Doubt Solution

Live classes and doubt-clearing session is a great advantage of online coaching for the IIT JEE & NEET exam. During the live class session, if you have any doubts, teachers will help you to work out the problem without delay. So it is more convenient and less time-consuming.

The other important factors for taking online guidance are online practice sets, mock test series, MCQ quizzes, and chapter-wise practice tests. All these are very helpful for an aspirant to analyze his level of preparation.
The most vital thing you have to consider before taking admission to any coaching institute in India for JEE and NEET is that teachers should be experienced and provide easy and comprehensive classes. They should be cooperative and aids the students to clear their doubts.

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