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Indian Politics

Politics is an acitivity associated with the governance of a country.

Here you can learn about Indian Political System, Constituion of India, Various Commisions and Persons.

All the topics are made simple and interesting. You will enjoy it.

About Indian Politics

India is political based nation with its supreme legislative body, Indian Parliament. Indian parliament consists of President and two houses, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Loksabha is known as Lower house or House of the people. Rajya Sabha is known as Upper House or Council of states.

The Rajya Sabha is consisting of maximum 250 members. Within these 250 members, 12 are nominated by the President from special fields like; literature, science, art or social service.

The Lok Sabha is consisting of maximum 552 members. Within these 552 members, 530 members represent the States, and up to 20 members represent the Union territories. Two members are nominated by the president from Anglo Indian community.

Important topics on Indian Politics

Indian Politics has so many things to discuss. But there are some important parts of Indian politics. Here in this portal you can learn about those things like; Indian Constitution and its Schedules & Parts, Various Acts and Rules, Planning Commissions and etc.

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