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Indian planning commission

About Planning Commission of India

M. Bisweshsaraia makes an outline of Planning before the Independence of India. Then the first planning commission established on March of 1950. It gets successfully works at 1951. The first chairman of planning commission was Jawaharlal Nehru. The whole five year planning system of India is taken from Soviet Russia.

Planning Commission is an extra constitutional act. The final decision about five years planning will be made by National Development Authority. The first vice chairman of five years planning was V. T. Krishnamachari.

Five Years Plan of India

1st five years Plan: The duration of first 5 years plan was April of 1951 to March of 1956. It is the most successful plan till now.

2nd five years Plan: The duration of second 5 years plan was April of 1956 to March of 1961. The purpose of the second 5 years plan was to develop larger industries. At the time of first and second 5 years planning Jawaharlal Nehru was the prime minister of India.

3rd five years Plan: The duration of Third 5 years plan was between April of 1961 and March of 1966. Due to India-pak war and India-china war the third 5 years plan not getting effective. So, a decision of annual plan was taken, and it is known as plan holding. To get rid of Balance of Payment in third plan devaluation of currencies was happened.

4th five years Plan: The duration of Fourth 5 years plan was between April of 1969 and March of 1974. The purpose of fourth plan was self-dependency and sufficient food supply.

5th five years Plan: The duration of fifth 5 years plan was April of 1974 to march of 1978. Fifth 5 years plan is known as peoples plan. First Minimum needs programme started at 5th plan.

6th five years Plan: The duration of sixth 5 years plan was of 1980 to 1985. To decrease poverty IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Programme), DRDP (Drought Prone Area Programme), TRYSEM (Training of Rural Youths for Self Employment).

Indian Five Years Plan -Chairperson and Duration
Duration of YearPlanHead of the planning
1951-19561stJawaharlal Nehru
1956-19612ndJawaharlal Nehru
1961-19663rdJawaharlal Nehru + Lal Bahadur Shastri
1966-1969Plan HolidayIndira Gandhi
1969-19744thIndira Gandhi
1974-19795thIndira Gandhi
1978-1979Rolling PlanMorarji Desai + Charan Singh
1980-19856thIndira Gandhi
1985-19907thRajib Gandhi
1992-19978thP. V. Narasimha Rao
1997-20029thAtal Bihari Vajpayee
2002-200710thAtal Bihari Vajpayee
2007-201211thM Sing
2012-201712thM Sing