Latest Current Affairs May 2021 Questions and Answers

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Read the most important current affairs questions and answers of May 2021 for all types of competitive exams and job interviews in India. All these current affairs questions cover national and international news and stories all over the world.

You can read and answer all these exam based Current GK MCQ questions one by one. It will help you to perform well in the general knowledge, current affairs, and general awareness section of your upcoming exam.

Current Affairs May 2021 Questions and Answers

Q1. Who will take oath as the Chief Minister of West Bengal on 5 May 2021?

  1. Mamata Baneerjee
  2. Dilip Ghosh
  3. Suvendu Adhikari
  4. Abhishek Baneerjee

Answer: A. Manata Baneerjee


Q2. Which of the following nations has recently declared the end of the 12th outbreak of Ebola virus disease?

  1. Kenya
  2. New Zealand
  3. Congo
  4. Zimbabwe

Answer: C. Congo


Q3. Recently the State Bank of India has allocated Rs ____ to combat the deadly second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India.

  1. 30 crores
  2. 51 crores
  3. 71 crores
  4. 90 crores

Answer: C. 71 crores


Q4. The Indian Navy has recently launched an operation named as ____ in order to meet the oxygen requirements amid the surge in COVID-19 cases in India.

  1. Samudra Setu-II
  2. Steeplechase
  3. Mission Sagar
  4. None of these

Answer: A. Samudra Setu-II


Q5. World Press Freedom Day is observed every year on ____ to praise journalism and journalists who risked their life to bring true stories to us.

  1. May 1
  2. May 2
  3. May 3
  4. May 4

Answer: C. May 3


Q6. Which of the following parties won the Assam Assembly Elections 2021 with a clear majority?

  1. AIUDF
  2. BJP
  3. RJD
  4. CPI

Answer: B. BJP


Q7. The ICC World Test Championship Final 2021 is scheduled to take place at-

  1. Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
  2. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
  3. Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad
  4. Rose Bowl, Southampton

Answer: A. Hampshire Bowl, Southampton


Q8. Which of the following days is observed as International Labour Day?

  1. May 1
  2. May 2
  3. May 3
  4. May 4

Answer: A. May 1


Q9. As per the recent announcement by The Chemical and Fertilisers Ministry the Central Government has placed orders for the import of ____ vials of antiviral drug Remdesivir.

  1. 1.5 lakh
  2. 3.5 lakh
  3. 4.5 lakh
  4. 5.2 lakh

Answer: C. 4.5 lakh


Q10. Soli Sorabjee recently passed away at the age of 91. He was the former-

  1. Chief Justice of India
  2. Attorney General of India
  3. Solicitor General of India
  4. None of these

Answer: Attorney General of India


Q11. China successfully launched the core module of its space station named ____ into orbit.

  1. Salyut
  2. Dos-2
  3. Skylab
  4. Tianhe

Answer: D. Tianhe

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