Most Important Current Affairs April 2021 Questions Answers

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Most important current affairs questions and answers of April 2021 for competitive exam preparation. These current affairs questions and answers cover the most current national and international events on politics, sports, science, education, and other sectors.

Current Affairs April 2021 Questions Answers

Here are the current questions answers of April 2021. All these are MCQ type exam based questions from latest news and affairs. Try to read and answer the questions one by one. 

Q1. Shantir Ogroshena 2021 is a multinational military exercise between India and-

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. Bangladesh

Answer: D. Bangladesh

Q2. Which of the following actors will be honoured with the 51st Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

  1. Rajnikanth
  2. Aamir Khan
  3. Shah Rukh Khan
  4. Varun Dhawan

Answer: A. Rajnikanth

Q3. Indian Government has recently provided aids of NRs 800 crores to which of the following countries for Road Construction?

  1. Japan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Nepal
  4. Bhutan

Answer: C. Nepal

Q4. Sputnik V Coronavirus vaccine is invented by which of the following countries?

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. India
  4. Russia

Answer: D. Russia

Q5. The World Bank has raised India's Fiscal Year 2021-22 GDP forecast to ____ from 5.4 percent.

  1. 7.1 percent
  2. 10.1 percent
  3. 15.1 percent
  4. 16.1 percent

Answer: B. 10.1 percent

Q6. Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has launches Tribal TB Initiative to achieve 'TB Mukt Bharat' by-

  1. 2022
  2. 2023
  3. 2024
  4. 2025

Answer: D. 2025

Q7. The Union Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriyal has inaugurated "Anandam", a centre for happiness at which of the following places?

  1. IIT Madras
  2. IIT Kharagpur
  3. AIIMS
  4. IIM Jammu

Answer: D. IIM Jammu


Q8. Which of the following Indian state has recently launched a capcity building and performance tracking platform 'i-Learn' for Community Health Officers?

  1. Bihar
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. West Bengal
  4. Nagaland

Answer: D. Nagaland

Q9. Which of the following Bank in India has recently approved eight thousand crore rupee for bond borrowing?

  1. SBI
  2. IDBI
  3. PNB
  4. BOI

Answer: B. IDBI

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