Current Affairs Questions and Answers October 22-31, 2021

Q21. Around ____ singers recently sang popular Kannada songs at 1000 iconic tourist attractions in Karnataka.

  • 1 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh

Answer: C. 5 lakh

Q22. India successfully test-fired surface to surface ballistic missile ____ for a major boost to its military target.

  • Agni-3
  • Agni-4
  • Agni-5
  • Agni-6

Answer: C. Agni-5

Q23. Which of the following people recently recommended for Khel Ratna?

  • Neeraj Chopra
  • Lovlina Borgohain
  • Ravi Dahiya
  • All of them

Answer: D. All of them

Q24. Which of the following campaigns will be launched for door-to-door COVID vaccination?

  • Har Ghar Dastak
  • Door to Door Dastak
  • Hum Aapke Ghar
  • None of these

Answer: A. Har Ghar Dastak

Q25. Elon Musk has emerged as the world’s richest person, total worth to touch ____ billion?

  • $300
  • $500
  • $800
  • $900

Answer: A. $300

Q26. Facebook has announced that it is changing the company name to ____.

  • Febriod
  • Meta
  • Instagram
  • WhatApp

Answer: B. Meta

Q27. Who has been recently reappointed as RBI Governor?

  • Sudhamoy Das
  • Shaktikanta Das
  • Sabitri Das
  • None of them

Answer: B. Shaktikanta Das

Q28. Puneeth Rajkumar, a ____ has passed away at the age of 46.

  • Kannada actor
  • Malayalam actor
  • Telugu actor
  • None of these

Answer: A. Kannada actor

Q29. DRDO & IAF recently jointly developed a flight test indigenous developed ____.

  • Short-Range Bomb (LRB)
  • Medium-Range Bomb (LRB)
  • Long-Range Bomb (LRB)
  • None of these

Answer: C. Long-Range Bomb (LRB)

Q30. President of India Ram Nath Kovind has inaugurated a housing scheme for economically weaker sections (EWS) at ____?

  • Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • Noida, UP
  • None of these

Answer: B. Bhavnagar, Gujarat 

Q31. Union Minister of State Dr Jitendra Singh launched India’s first manned ocean mission ____ at the National Institute of Ocean Technology in Chennai.

  • Samudrayaan
  • Ocean India
  • Jalyan
  • None of these

Answer: A. Samudrayaan

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