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Facts about Yudh Abhyas Exercise between India and US armies

Yudh Abhyas is a joint military exercise between India and US. Read this article to know more in detail about Yudh Abhyas exercise.

Yudh Abhyas Exercise

A significant aspect of the Indo-US cooperative ties is the periodical Joint Military Training Exercise or Yudh Abhyas. As the largest running initiative in defence exercise conducted since 2004, Yudh Abhyas is hosted alternatively by both countries. The goal of the  joint drill is to gain insight into the military best practices of each other and heighten cooperation levels to achieve a synergy in order to take down common adversaries, should the need arise. 

As a part of national defence diplomacy with other countries, India is engaged in joint military drills with several countries. However, Yudh Abhyas – a bilateral exercise between India and the US, has evolved significantly since its inception.

Western platforms have huge implications on the Indian Army’s LAC strategy.  Hence, the Indian defence system extensively inducted arms and ammunitions, used primarily by the US Army. This has necessitated joint military exercises like; Yudh Abhyas Exercise to familiarise the Indian contingent with their mechanics and manoeuvre.  Further, defence experts acknowledge that these cooperative endeavours enhance the interoperability between the participating armies.

Moreover, as a designated “Major Defence Partner” of the US, India has signed security and defence pacts, including the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). The said pacts facilitate extensive cooperation between the militaries of both countries, besides allowing both countries to use each other’s bases for repair and replenishment purposes.

India, in the past, has declined the US proposition of including Japan in the Yudh Abhyas drill. However, the cooperative defence exercise stands the chance of assuming greater strategic significance in the Indi-Pacific region, if all the parties to the QUAD, i.e., Australia and Japan, apart from the US and India, join hands together to fortify their military prowess.

Key Points about Yudh Abhyas Exercise for UPSC

Yudh Abhayas Exercise – Key Points
Yudh Abhyas exercise is one of the largest joint military training and defense cooperation endeavours between India and USA.
Yudh Abhyas exercise was started in 2004 under the US Army Pacific Partnership Program.
The exercise is hosted alternatively by two countries since 2004.
In the Yudh Abhyas exercise the following sights are seen;Military trainingJoint military operation skillsExchaning culutral aspectsExchanging knowledge
The major aims of this exercise are to enhance understanding, building cooperation and interoperability between two armies.

The recent-most Yudh Abhyas holds immense significance for India’s Northern Border strategies and the Arctic Strategy for the US. 350 personnel from the 7th Madras Infantry Battalion of India trained with soldiers from the 40th Cavalry Regiment of the US Army during the 17th edition of Ex Yudh Abhyas. The intense joint exercise modules focused on high-altitude warfare and arms manoeuvrings in rocky terrain while sustaining extreme cold climatic conditions.

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The contingent engaged in helicopter-based mobilisation, simulated assault on enemy positions in a mountainous landscape and securing critical infrastructure. These apart, the personnel received a demonstration of the US Military’s drone buster gun, as part of Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS). The entire affair ended after a 48-hour-long validation process.

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FAQ About Yudh Abhyas Exercise

Q1. In which year the first Yudh Abhyas Exercise between India and US started?

Answer: 2004

Q2. . Apart from Yudh Abhyas Exercise, what are the other joint exercises of India and the US?

Answer: Cope-India and Vajra Prahar.

Q3. . What are the multilateral exercises where India and the US participate in?