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List of Joint Military Exercises of the Indian Army

The Indian Army conducts or participates in various military exercises with foreign countries. Here in this article we have brought the list of those military exercises of the Indian Army.

Military Exercises of Indian Army
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There are various Indian army exercises that happen every year. India is establishing a relationship through these military exercises with various countries around the world.

Military exercises of the Indian Armed Forces is an important topic for UPSC IAS exam and other government job exam aspirants.

The Joint Military Exercises are joint military cooperation between two or more countries. These military exercises are essential between countries for  disaster relief or to tackle any hard situation. Also, military exercise helps to test the performance of the armed forces without directly engaging them on the battlefield.

Indian Army conducts or participates in various bilateral and multilateral military exercises with various nations around the globe.

Military Exercises of the Indian Army

There are mainly three types of military exercises;

  1. Domestic exercise
  2. Bilateral Exercise
  3. Multilateral exercise

1. Domestic Exercise

Domestic Exercises help to improve internal engagements. In domestic exercises there can be inter-services or intra-services and it depends upon the nature of the exercise and its application.

List of domestic military exercise:

1Bull StrikeIndian Army
2Changthang PraharIndian Army
3ChakravyuhIndian Army
4Drad SankalpIndian Army
5Gandiv VijayIndian Army
6Paschim LeharIndian Army
7HimVijayIndian Army
8ShatrujeetIndian Army
9Vayu ShaktiIndian Army
10Vijay PraharIndian Army
11Megh PraharIndian Army

2. Bilateral Exercise

Bilateral Military Exercises are conducted between two nations.

List of Bilateral Exercises:

No.ExerciseParticipating Countries
1CORPATIndia & Thailand
2Dharma GuardianIndia & Japan
3GarudaIndia & Indonesia
4Hand in Hand ExerciseIndia & China
5Mitra ShaktiIndia & Sri Lanka
6Maitree ExerciseIndia & Thailand
7Nomadic ElephantIndia & Mongolia
8SampritiIndia & Bangladesh
9Surya KiranIndia & Nepal
10SIMBEXIndia & Singapore
11Shakti ExerciseIndia & France
12Vajra PraharIndia & US
13Yudh AbhyasIndia & US

3. Multilateral Exercise

Multilateral exercises are conducted between more than two nations.

List of Multilateral Exercises:

No.ExerciseParticipant Countries
1RIMPACTotal 26 Nations (United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, South Korea Singapore, Thailand, Tonga
2MALABARIndia, United States, and Japan
3COBRA-GOLDAsia – Pacific countries
4SamvednaSouth Asian Region Nations

Military exercises of the Indian Army happen every year. That’s why this topic is important for students who are preparing for UPSC or other government exams. If you go through the list thoroughly you can answer questions related to Military Exercises of the Indian Army.