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Sampriti Exercise – Joint Military Exercise between India and Bangladesh

Sampriti exercise is a joint military training exercise and an important bilateral defense cooperation endeavor between the armies of India and Bangladesh which is hosted alternatively by both countries. Read this article to know more!

Sampriti Exercise

Bilateral defence cooperation is a crucial diplomacy tool between neighbouring nations. Sampriti exercise is one such endeavour between India and Bangladesh wherein armed forces partake in joint military drills to enhance the interoperability of both armies in terms of protocols, procedures, technology and communication. As a crucial aspect of the longstanding mutual handholding ties between the two countries, Sampriti promotes trust and friendship, thus ensuring better handling of elements that threaten the peace and stability of the region.

With a focus on strengthening Indo-Bangladesh diplomacy, Sampriti  exercise was kickstarted in 2009. Since then, both countries have taken turns hosting the event every year. In 2020, India hosted the 9th edition of the event in Umroi, Meghalaya. The most recent one – Sampriti X, concluded on June 16, 2022, at Jessore, Bangladesh. A battalion of the DOGRA regiment represented the Indian side in the exercise.

The underlying principle driving the joint military exercises is “train together to fight together” common threats. Through Sampriti exercise, the participating army troops of India and Bangladesh develop a deeper understanding of the tactical drills, procedures and techniques deployed by each other in counter-terrorism operations, humanitarian assistance & disaster relief, and peacekeeping mandates of the United Nations. This understanding and joint exercises in simulated scenarios help familiarise the parties with the best practices of both sides and develop synergy for hand-in-hand operations in the future.

The event comprises Command Post Exercise (CPX) and Field Training Exercise (FTX). The former is a military exercise format that aims to heighten the combat-readiness of the troops to tackle specific events. The latter involves defence enhancement exercises, including training, drills, arms manoeuvring, etc. Every tactical routine undertaken during the event entails knowledge-sharing and practising battle drills of each side to build familiarity.

Finally, the participating troops jointly operate in a simulated counter-terrorism situation to validate their fortnight-long rigorous exercise.

Each aspect of the Sampriti exercise is in line with the eventualities mandated in the UN Charter. Diplomatic ties and defence cooperation aside, this joint military exercise between India and Bangladesh significantly contributes toward a stable and peaceful environment in the region.

Key Facts about Sampriti Exercise

We have provided the important facts about Sampriti exercise for UPSC IAS aspirants.

Sampriti Exercise – Important Facts
It is a joint military training exercise between the armies of India and Bangladesh.
Sampriti exercise first started in 2009.
The major aim of this exercise is to build strength, positiveness, and cooperation between the armies of both countries.
This exercise also enhance military cooperation between both countries as part of the Indo-Bangladesh defense cooperation
The exercise is hosted alternatively by both countries.
The exercises conducted are Command Post Exercise (CPX), Field Training Exercise (FTX), joint tactical exercise, & Counter Terrorist Operations in a simulated and controlled environment.
Greater cultural understanding is emphasized between the armies to build trust and cooperation between two countries.
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