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Hotline between countries

About Hotline

Hotline is a special line used by the countries for emergency purposes to avoid accidental war. It is a line that situated within the country’s most important place or buildings or sometimes between two key persons (President, Prime Minister and etc.) of a country.

For example if a problem happened between two countries, then the hotline between the presidents of those two countries will made a quick solution of this problem instantly.

The hotline is at first used by U.S (United States) and Russia during a six days war.

Important Hotlines

USA-Russia: The first direct communication link used by USA and Russia. It is called as Red Telephone. This hotline is build to improve relation and avoid cold war or nuclear war between two countries.

USA-China: This is a nuclear hotline placed between USA and China. At the time of US president Clinton’s this hotline is made by the government.

India-China hotline: A hotline placed between India and China to strengthen their diplomatic ties. It is placed between leaders of India and China.

India-Pakistan hotline: A hotline that is placed between India and Pakistan to avoid misunderstanding which leads to nuclear attacks. The foreign ministers of both the countries take this decision and put a quick communication link between the major persons of the two countries.

Name of Hotline between countries
Durand lineIndia-Afganistan/Pakistan-Afganistan
17th parallelNorth vietnam and south vietnam
24th parallelIndia-Pakistan
38th parallelNorth korea-South korea
49th parallelAmerica- Canada
Machmohan lineIndia-China/ India-Tibbet
Maginot line /seigfried lineFrance-German German-France
Hindenberg line / Odderneisse lineGerman-Poland East german-Poland
Mannerhein lineRussia-Finland
Radcliff lineIndia-Pakistan
16th parallelNamibia-Angola
Sir coricrick lineIndia-Pakistan
Plimsoll lineThis is the line marked on the hull of a ship to avoid overloading.