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List of Wimbledon Winners: Wimbledon Championships

The Wimbledon Championships is one of the most prestigious and popular tennis tournaments in the world. Held annually in Wimbledon, London, it is the oldest tennis tournament and is widely regarded as the most traditional and prestigious of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

The tournament dates back to 1877, when it was first held at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. Since then, it has grown in popularity and has become a favourite among tennis fans and players alike.

One of the unique aspects of the Wimbledon Championships is its grass court surface. While most tennis tournaments are played on hard courts or clay courts, Wimbledon’s grass courts provide a different challenge for the tennis players. The grass surface is known for its fast pace and low bounce, making it a favourite among serve-and-volley players.

Another distinctive feature of Wimbledon is its strict dress code. Players are required to wear all-white attire, which adds to the tournament’s traditional and elegant atmosphere. This dress code has been in place since the early days of the tournament and is still enforced today.

Wimbledon is also known for its royal patronage. The tournament has a long history of attracting members of the British royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The royal presence adds to the prestige and grandeur of the event.

Wimbledon Tennis 2022 Winners

Men’s SinglesNovak DjokovicNick Kyrgios
Women’s SinglesElena RybakinaOns Jabeur
Men’s DoublesMatthew Ebden & Max PurcellNikola Mektić & Mate Pavić
Women’s DoublesBarbora Krejčíková & Kateřina SiniakováElise Mertens & Zhang Shuai
Mix DoublesNeal Skupski & Desirae KrawczykMatthew Ebden & Samantha Stosur

List of Wimbledon Winners

YearMen’s Singles WinnerWomen’s Singles Winner
1877Spencer GoreBlanche Bingley
1878Frank HadowMaud Watson
1879John HartleyBlanche Bingley
1880John HartleyLottie Dod
1881William RenshawLottie Dod
1882William RenshawMaud Watson
1883William RenshawMaud Watson
1884William RenshawMaud Watson
1885William RenshawMaud Watson
1886William RenshawBlanche Bingley
1887Herbert LawfordLottie Dod
1888Ernest RenshawLottie Dod
1889William RenshawBlanche Bingley
1890William RenshawBlanche Bingley
1891William RenshawLottie Dod
1892William RenshawLottie Dod
1893Joshua PimLottie Dod
1894Joshua PimBlanche Bingley
1895Wilfred BaddeleyCharlotte Cooper
1896Harold MahonyCharlotte Cooper
1897Reginald DohertyBlanche Bingley
1898Reginald DohertyCharlotte Cooper
1899Reginald DohertyBlanche Bingley
1900Reginald DohertyBlanche Bingley
1901Arthur GoreCharlotte Cooper
1902Laurie DohertyMuriel Robb
1903Laurie DohertyMuriel Robb
1904Laurie DohertyDorothea Douglass
1905Laurie DohertyMay Sutton
1906Laurie DohertyDorothea Douglass
1907Norman BrookesMay Sutton
1908Arthur GoreCharlotte Cooper
1909Arthur GoreDora Boothby
1910Anthony WildingDora Boothby
1911Anthony WildingDorothea Douglass
1912Tony WildingEthel Thomson
1913Tony WildingDorothea Douglass
1914Norman BrookesDorothea Douglass
1915-1918Not played due to World War I
1919Gerald PattersonSuzanne Lenglen
1920Bill TildenSuzanne Lenglen
1921Bill TildenSuzanne Lenglen
1922Gerald PattersonSuzanne Lenglen
1923Bill JohnstonSuzanne Lenglen
1924Bill TildenKitty McKane
1925Rene LacosteSuzanne Lenglen
1926Jean BorotraKitty McKane
1927Henri CochetHelen Wills Moody
1928Rene LacosteHelen Wills Moody
1929Henri CochetHelen Wills Moody
1930Bill TildenHelen Wills Moody
1931Sidney WoodCilly Aussem
1932Ellsworth VinesHelen Wills Moody
1933Jack CrawfordHelen Wills Moody
1934Fred PerryDorothy Round
1935Fred PerryHelen Jacobs
1936Fred PerryHelen Jacobs
1937Don BudgeDorothy Round
1938Don BudgeHelen Wills Moody
1939Bobby RiggsAlice Marble
1940-1945Not held due to World War II
1946Yvon PetraPauline Betz
1947Jack KramerMargaret Osborne
1948Bob FalkenburgLouise Brough
1949Ted SchroederLouise Brough
1950Budge PattyLouise Brough
1951Dick SavittDoris Hart
1952Frank SedgmanMaureen Connolly
1953Vic SeixasMaureen Connolly
1954Jaroslav DrobnyMaureen Connolly
1955Tony TrabertLouise Brough
1956Lew HoadShirley Fry
1957Lew HoadAlthea Gibson
1958Ashley CooperAlthea Gibson
1959Alex OlmedoMaria Bueno
1960Neale FraserMaria Bueno
1961Rod LaverAngela Mortimer
1962Rod LaverKaren Susman
1963Chuck McKinleyMargaret Smith
1964Roy EmersonMaria Bueno
1965Roy EmersonMargaret Smith
1966Manuel SantanaBillie Jean King
1967John NewcombeBillie Jean King
1968Rod LaverBillie Jean King
1969Rod LaverAnn Jones
1970John NewcombeMargaret Court
1971John NewcombeEvonne Goolagong
1972Stan SmithBillie Jean King
1973Jan KodesBillie Jean King
1974Jimmy ConnorsChris Evert
1975Arthur AsheBillie Jean
1976Bjorn BorgChris Evert
1977Bjorn BorgVirginia Wade
1978Bjorn BorgMartina Navratilova
1979Bjorn BorgMartina Navratilova
1980Bjorn BorgEvonne Goolagong Cawley
1981John McEnroeChris Evert Lloyd
1982Jimmy ConnorsMartina Navratilova
1983John McEnroeMartina Navratilova
1984John McEnroeMartina Navratilova
1985Boris BeckerMartina Navratilova
1986Boris BeckerMartina Navratilova
1987Pat CashMartina Navratilova
1988Stefan EdbergSteffi Graf
1989Boris BeckerSteffi Graf
1990Stefan EdbergMartina Navratilova
1991Michael StichSteffi Graf
1992Andre AgassiSteffi Graf
1993Pete SamprasSteffi Graf
1994Pete SamprasConchita Martinez
1995Pete SamprasSteffi Graf
1996Richard KrajicekSteffi Graf
1997Pete SamprasMartina Hingis
1998Pete SamprasJana Novotna
1999Pete SamprasLindsay Davenport
2000Pete SamprasVenus Williams
2001Goran IvanisevicVenus Williams
2002Lleyton HewittSerena Williams
2003Roger FedererSerena Williams
2004Roger FedererMaria Sharapova
2005Roger FedererVenus Williams
2006Roger FedererAmelie Mauresmo
2007Roger FedererVenus Williams
2008Rafael NadalVenus Williams
2009Roger FedererSerena Williams
2010Rafael NadalSerena Williams
2011Novak DjokovicPetra Kvitova
2012Roger FedererSerena Williams
2013Andy MurrayMarion Bartoli
2014Novak DjokovicPetra Kvitova
2015Novak DjokovicSerena Williams
2016Andy MurraySerena Williams
2017Roger FedererGarbine Muguruza
2018Novak DjokovicAngelique Kerber
2019Novak DjokovicSimona Halep
2021Novak DjokovicAshleigh Barty
2022Novak DjokovicElena Rybakina

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