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Australian Open Tennis Tournament Winners List

Check out the list of Australian Open Tennis winners and runners-up.

The Australian Open Tennis tournament is a big event in the tennis world. In competitive exams like SSC, Bank, RRB, and Insurance, various questions are asked on the Australian Open in the general knowledge section. We have listed the Australian Open Tennis tournament winners and runners-up.

Australian Open Tennis

The Australian Open Tennis tournament is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of tennis. It is held annually in Melbourne, Australia, and attracts top-ranked players from around the globe, making it a true spectacle for tennis enthusiasts.

One of the unique aspects of the Australian Open is that it is played on a hard court surface. This adds an extra challenge for the players, as they have to adapt their game to the different conditions. The tournament also features a retractable roof on the main stadium, ensuring that matches can continue even in unpredictable weather conditions.

The Australian Open has produced some unforgettable moments and iconic champions. From legends like Roger Federer and Serena Williams to emerging stars, the tournament has seen some fierce battles and incredible displays of skill.

Australian Open 2023 Winners

Men’s SinglesNovak DjokovicStefanos Tsitsipas
Women’s SinglesAryna SabalenkaElena Rybakina
Men’s DoublesRinky Hijikata & Jason KublerHugo Nys & Jan Zieliński
Women’s DoublesBarbora Krejčíková & Kateřina SiniakováShuko Aoyama & Ena Shibahara
Mix DoublesLuisa Stefani & Rafael MatosSania Mirza & Rohan Bopanna

Important Questions on the Australian Open Tennis Tournament

Q1. Before 1988 the Australian Open was Played between 1905 and 1987 in which surface?

  1. Hard court
  2. Grass Court
  3. Clay court
  4. None of these

Answer: Grass Court

Q2. The Australian Open Tennis was first held in which year?

  1. 1881
  2. 1885
  3. 1889
  4. 1905

Answer: 1905

Q3. Who was the first Australian Open Men’s Single Winner?

  1. Rodney Heath
  2. Anthony Wilding
  3. Horace Rice
  4. None of these

Answer: Rodney Heath