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Terms Related to Sports

There are hundreds of games and sports played all around the world including; football, cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, golf and other sports. Different terms are used in these games and sports.

There are questions about sports terminology which have been asked in various exams and interviews.

In this article we have listed all those terms associated with various games and sports played globally.

Sports Terms List

Here is the list of commonly used terms related to various sports and games.


Advantage, Centre forward, Corner kick, Direct free kick, Dribbling, Foul, Golden goal, Goal kick, Hat-trick, Injury time, Marking, Offside, Own goal, Penalty kick, Red card, Substitute, Sudden death, Sweeper, Tackle, Throw in, Wings, Yellow card.


Boundary, Over boundary, Maiden over, third umpire, Runs, Strike rate, Economy rate, wides, overs, not out, Centuries, half-centuries, stumped, Hit wicket, bowled, Run out No ball, Leg bye, Bye, Fielding, Innings, Stumps,bails, Crease, Pitch, Wicket.


Baseline, Blocking, Dubling, Foot fault, Hiv, Holding, Jump set, Luv all, Tactical ball, Volly, Windmill service, lobpass, Point, game, Quick smash, Serve, Backhand serve , Forhand smash, Smash, Netshot, Lob, Fault, Double drop, Diush, Bird, Rush, Pass, Set, Attack, Dig


Dush, Advantage, Half volly, Lov, Smash, Ground stroke, Deep volly, S service, Slice, Drop shot, Backhand stroke, Double fault, Out, Net

Lawn tennis:

Punch, Break, Cut, Defence, Knock, Knock out, Second eight, Win by knock out, Upper cut, Weight in, Bubbit punch


Bestball, Foresum, Bougi, Bunker, Hole, Kaddy, Dormy, Fareway, Forball, Greed holes, Links, Niblick, Pur, Pute, Tea, Stimid, Ruf


Bishop, Kasling, Capture, Draw, Check mate, N pashant, Gambit, Grand master, Oskar, Under promoting, Pon, Night, King, Stale nate, Ruck


Aka, Chaku gun, Datchi, Enechosen, Fudotouchi, Gedun, Geri, Obi, Hajime, Ibokee, Zeon, Kakato, Koko, Nidan, Sunbano, Siro, Ude


Bunker, Chukker, Mullet


Cant, Raider, Anti-Raider or Anti, Raid, Successful Raid, Struggle, Super Tackle, Super Raid, Bonus Points, Do or Die, Raid, Pursuit, All-Out

Kho Kho:

Chaser, Runner, Cross lane, Central lane, Kho, Late-Kho, Line-cut, Changing the direction, Early getup, Square, Minus-Kho, Lobby, Free Zone, Pole,


Oxan, Bridge, Chicken, Cut, Little slum, Notram pos, Revoke, Suffle, Vulnarable


Backstis, Bully, Curry, Dribble, Carret, Korner, Penalty corner, Zonal marking, Sixten, Yard hit, Scoop, Goal line, Green card, Click


Boss, Battery, Banting, Katcher, Diamond, Hitter, Home, Infield, Outfield, Shortstop Pull out, Pitcher plate, Pinch


Asi-oaza, Chui, Dun, Dozo, Hazimi, Yippon, Zigotie, Koko Makikomi, Nage oaza, o-Gosi, Rundori, Tuni otosi, Uchi komvi, Yoshi, Uco


A-baross, Ariel, Blocks, Dis, Inlocate, Tariff, Bim, Floor exercise Virtusacity, rap


Bunk line, Break, Bolting, Canon, Kiu, Stroke


Bou, Bucket, Kou, Ergometer, Feather, Paddle, Rigatra


Ball, Busket, Blocking, Dribbling, Free-through, Held ball, Jump ball, Pivot

Table tennis:

Backspinn, Lope, Chop, Penhostgrip, Push, Spin, Tuidil

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Frequently Asked Questions about Terms Related to Sports

Q1. Which of the following terms used in kabaddi?

  • Advantage
  • Boundary
  • Baseline
  • Cant

Answer: D. Cant

Q2. Which of the following terminology is used in kho kho?

  • Boss
  • Chaser
  • Pinch
  • Gosi

Answer: B. Chaser

Q3. Which of the following terms used in badminton?

  • Dush
  • Dig
  • Punch
  • Bougi

Answer: A. Dush

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