Each sports or games played have different set of rules. Also the number of players or team involved in a sport is also different. Here is a complete list of the number of players (team) of various sports and games played all over the world.

No. of Players in Various Sports

Know about how many players in a football team, cricket team or in a kabaddi team. Here is a full list of number of players in different games and sports. .

Sports / GamesPlayed BetweenNumber of Players in each side / team
Badminton2 players (Singles) / 2 teams (Doubles)1 (Singles) / 2 (Doubles)
Baseball2 teams9
Basket Ball2 teams5
Contract bridge4 players (two competing partnerships)2
BilliardsSingle opponents, doubles or teams1 / 2 / teams
Cricket2 teams11
Chess2 players1
Football2 teams11
Hockey2 teams11
Kabaddi2 teams7
Polo2 teams4 (Field polo) / 3 (Arena)
Rugby Football2 teams15
Table Tennis2 players (Singles) / 2 teams (Doubles)1 (Singles) / 2 (Doubles)
Volleyball2 teams6
Water Polo2 teams7 (6 field players and 1 goalkeeper)