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Here is the list of World Cup Cricket event held in various year with venue, medals, runner-up and winner detail.

World Cup Cricket - Year, Place, Winner

YearPlaceWinnerRunner UpDifference (Score/Wicket)Cup
1975 England West Indies Australia 17 Runs Prudential
1979 England West Indies England 92 Runs Prudential
1983 England India West Indies 43 Runs Prudential
1987 India/Pak Australia England 7 Runs Reliance
1992 Australia/New Zeland Pakistan England 22 Runs Bensun & Hedges
1996 India/Pak/Sri Sri Lanka Australia 7 Wickets Wills
1999 England Australia Pakistan 8 Wickets ICC World Cup
2003 South Africa Australia India 125 Runs ICC World Cup
2007 West Indies Australia Sri LankaAustralia Won by 53 Runs (D/L method) ICC World Cup
2011 India/Sri Lanka/BangladeshIndiaSri LankaIndia Won by 6 WicketsICC World Cup

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