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Govt plans to expand CBSE International Board, Promote global collaboration in education

The Indian government has decided to establish partnerships with the different school boards present in other countries, especially in affluent nations.

Govt plans to expand CBSE International Board

In recent news, it has been highlighted that the government of India has been making huge progress. When it comes to improving the education system, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has an elite reputation in India along with the global market. However, now the government has decided to improve and expand its size in the international board. The prime intention is to make CBSE an internationally acclaimed board so that it can serve students in the global scenario.

CBSE-i international curriculum has decided to cater to the needs of all the Indian students who are living overseas. CBSE-i follows a skill and inquiry-based curriculum, where the prime ambition of this board is encouraging students to improve their creative thinking and critical skills. It also helps to improve the interpersonal, effective communication, and collaborative skills of students.

It is present in more than 26 countries with 240 schools across the world. The CBSE – international has already been implemented in 2010 to effectively meet the educational requirements for Indian families who were residing overseas. As the government has decided to expand the presence of CBSE– I, it now provides access to education for students in alignment with international standards.

Collaborating to improve educational standards:

As government understands entirely the need to collaborate with different school boards available in different countries, it has decided to take this action. This is especially for the schools present in developed countries. The chairperson of the educational committee has highlighted the importance of collaborating when it is about increasing and enhancing the school education quality across India.

India already holds the G20 presidency, so increasing partnerships with several other school boards throughout the world will have an improved impact on educational opportunities. As the CBSE curriculum has already been praised for catering to diverse styles of learning and maintaining the elite academic standard, this particular move has been taken to expand and improve education.

By expansion in the international board, the primary aim of the government is to provide students access to and improve cross-cultural learning.

Leveraging the immense success and vision will help India to properly shape the future of education and improve quality across the world.

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