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CBSE Exams: No Third Chance for Students Who have Missed Two Phases of Exams

The CBSE board said that the term 2 examination of Class 10 & Class 12 is going on smoothly and will continue till June 15.


The term 2 CBSE term 2 exams of Class 10 & 12 is going on and it will continue till June 15, 2022. Nearly 35 lakhs of students have registered for the exam. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has confirmed the examinations are going on smoothly without any problem till now.

The CBSE board has introduced the two term system due to COVID-19 pandemic. Students who are not appearing for both the first and second term of the examination will not be given a third chance. They need to continue the class and site for the examination in the next academic year.

Because of the rising number of new Covid cases the pandemic may hit in June again. So, How will the exams be conducted? The CBSE board has confirmed that there are no problems till now conducting the term 2 exam and it is going on smoothly.

The board examinations currently are being conducted in two phases by the CBSE baorda and in each phase 50% of the syllabus is covered. The first phase of the exam will be conducted during the month of November-December 2021. Now, in the second phase the examinations are conducted in one shift.

The board has already announced the guidelines about the compartment exam eligibility and results for the board exams. However, the board has confirmed that if a student appeared for one term of the exam and was not able to appear for the other term due to the pandemic, a special method of evacuation will be available for those students. Those students will not be kept in the category of essential repeat.

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