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An Eclectic Mix of Programs at UPES School of Liberal Studies

The newly launched UPES SCHOOL OF LIBERAL STUDIES is offering B.Sc. in Economics with Data Science, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Psychology & Behaviour, Politics, Economics & Society and B.A in Literature.

Programs at UPES School of Liberal Studies

With technology getting advanced at an unprecedented pace, it is also resulting in a digital divide. The liberal study is the study that encourages using the immense power of data science and digital technology. This will bestow students with the ability to become effective problem solvers, creating new and effective strategies for the benefit of society.

Liberal studies will also educate students to understand arts, literature, history, cinema, and other aspects of human knowledge. This will offer improved clarity to people about the moral problems of society. It will make students become an anticipator of problems so that they can mitigate future problems. With a sense of responsibility and empathy, it will help students to stay committed to being a citizen of the world and work collaboratively to offer improved results.

What You Can Do With This Degree – Liberal Studies

Liberal studies will help students to leverage the power of digital technology. The study is not only based on offering education but also on helping them to become a designed thinker to offer innovative solutions. The objective of this degree is to collaborate with a diverse audience and build empathy amongst them. With real-world learning, it becomes helpful for students to enjoy better learning.

It will offer improved clarity to the moral problems of the society that they might face in their technological and knowledge choices. It can help you to get global exposure. Students will understand the six significant aspects that affect human lives education, health, environment, urbanization, technology, and citizen security.


UPES SCHOOL OF LIBERAL STUDIES is located in Dehradun – in the foothills of the Himalayas. They have a unique transdisciplinary approach to students. Since the world is going digital, new opportunities are evolving, which are becoming helpful for the future of students. UPES SCHOOL OF LIBERAL STUDIES believes that it is a must for the schools to move away from conventional studies and create an open system to help learners get exposed to finding the infinite possibilities.

The School of Liberal Science believes in creating a unique pedagogical process and breakthroughs the conventional approach. They believe in teaching students in a manner that can easily take upon the upcoming challenges. It is among the very few universities that offer an electric curriculum. Delving into the real-time problems, they create a futuristic mindset in students and give them the opportunities to think and prevent future challenges.

Programs Offered at UPES School of Liberal Studies

B.Sc. :

  • Economics with Data Science
  • Applied Mathematics & Statistics
  • Psychology & Behaviour
  • Politics , Economics & Society

B.A :

  • Literature


  • They delve into transdisciplinary learning formats
  • They create an immersive and experiential learning
  • They have a futuristic learning procedure that has been designed by the renowned teachers
  • They have reputed academicians as their faculties
  • They offer unparalleled global opportunities
  • They make problem solvers and design thinkers with their unique training
  • They will be exposed to real-time problems of the world
  • Every course will end with topical questions

With the futuristic learning approach, UPES SCHOOL OF LIBERAL STUDIES, located at the serene foothills of the Himalayas, can create collaborators and anticipators to prevent upcoming challenges and fight the real-world problems.

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