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CBSE Board warns students against fake news of paper leak issued

The Central board of secondary education (CBSE) has issued a warning on Monday, 27th February, to the students against the false information provided about leaked papers on social media platforms. The board has issued a public alert regarding the misleading and fake information provided to students about the CBSE board exam 2023 paper leak. It has already spread to different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

CBSE Board warns students against fake news of paper leak issued

The board has already warned that it will take strict actions regarding the people and students who are spreading such misleading rumors about the paper leak.

According to CBSE, one of the officials has mentioned that they have noticed that there have been certain misleading elements happening in social media. They have found that the rumors are constantly spreading on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and several other platforms regarding the paper leak and claiming that it will help students to get access to the 2023 question papers. These agencies, groups and people are working with the common intent to mislead students and parents by demanding money in return. Such a horrible action will only create panic and confusion between the public and students.

However, it has been mentioned by CBSE that they are actively taking action to identify the people who are spreading such rumors and fake news on social media.

They also said that the board has been working with Delhi Police Special Cell to find out people who are behind search actions. They would take stringent action against all the people who are actively involved in circulating rumors and fake news on social media platforms. They will be held in prison under different provisions of the IT and IPC Act.

The board also mentioned that it would not stay behind to find out students who are circulating these fake rumors and news. It is an unfair means, and they will certainly take action under several sections of IPC.

The board has also requested parents to guide students in not believing in such rumors and not to follow the question paper as it will only hamper the smooth conduct of the board examination and reduce their scores by making wrong preparations.

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