Verbs are used to convey an occurrence, action or state of being in a sentence.

Example :

I am running.

John studies computer science.

Amit became an Engineer last year.

Ronaldo is an attacker.

Verbs can be divided into two parts;

Finite (Transitive verb, Intransitive verb, Linking verb, Phrasal verb)

Infinite (Infinite verb, Gerund verb, Participle verb).

List of Finite Verbs

Transitive Verb

Verbs that follows object are called transitive verb.

Example :

Ram play cricket in the ground.

My sister read the newspaper.

Intransitive verb

Verbs that do not follow object are called intransitive verb.

Example :

The birds fly in the sky.

The baby spoke softly.

Linking Verb

Linking verbs are those that help to link words.

The linking of words can be done either using Helping verb or Main verb.

Running, writing, eating, sitting, doing and etc. these are all main verbs or also called as principal verbs.

Helping verbs are further divided into two parts Auxiliary verb and Modal Verb.

The Auxiliary verb is helping verbs that used to form various tenses, aspect and voices of other verbs.

Example :

I have finished my homework.

Modal verbs are used in case of necessity, ability or possibility, e.g. can, could, must, shall, should, might, will, would and etc.

Example :

You must complete the task.

We should leave now.

Phrasal Verb

A combination of verb and participle and/or preposition is called phrasal verb.

Example :

Over-exercise acts upon one’s health.

I cannot bear with such conduct.

List of Infinite Verbs

Infinite Verb

Basically infinite verbs are verb with the word “to” in front of it.

Example :

He likes to run.

John loves to fight.


A gerund is a form of a verb that usually works like a noun.

Example :

Hunting tigers are dangerous.

Smoking causes cancer.

Participle Verb

Participle verbs are formed from a verb which can be used as an adjective and adverb.

Particles verbs can be of two types; present particle (the rising sun) and past participle(the risen sun).

Example :

Put the potatoes in the boiling water.

The food was not well cooked.

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