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An adjective is a describing word that tells us about the quality of a noun or noun phrases.

Example :

Aishwarya Rai is a beautiful woman.

I made some silly mistakes in my examination.

Usain Bolt is a powerful man.

Types of Adjectives

Following are the types of an adjective:

Attributive adjective

An adjective that placed before or nearly to noun is called as attributive adjective.

Example :

Look at the red ball.

They are happy people.

He is an angry person.

Predicative Adjective

An adjective that placed after a verb is called predicative adjective.

Example :

The boy is good.

She is asleep.

The workers seem happy.

Quantitative Adjective

An adjective that expresses the quantity of a thing is called as the quantitative adjective.

Example :

He took little care of the thing.

The whole village came out to see him.

He is the first boy of the class.

Demonstrative Adjective

This, that, these, and those are used as demonstrative adjectives.

Example :

I know this man.

That boy is very intelligent.

These are the toys which I lost yesterday.

Interrogative Adjective

Interrogative adjectives reused with a noun to ask a question in a sentence.

Example :

Which book do you want?

Whose pen is this?

What song did they sing?

Comparison of Adjectives

Some adjectives are comparable.

And there are three degrees of comparison of adjectives; positive, comparative and superlative.


Example :

Amit is strong.

John is stronger than Amit.

Harry is the strongest of the club.

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