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How to Build a Career in the Stock Market

Are you interested in building a career in the stock market? If yes, you are in the right place. We have examined the top career choices in the stock market with the earning potential.

Career in the Stock Market

If looking for conventional job roles in the stock market, you can try being an investment advisor, stockbroker, investment banker, research analyst and so on. You have to understand the genre of the stock market and how to operate in it before you wish to start your career in it.

Trade is an exchange of goods or services between parties in the stock market. Buyers can raise their profit in the stock market without hampering their business. Here, sellers can earn profit due to stock sales and raise funds from investors. Therefore, investment turns out to be a winning situation for both parties engaged in the stock market trading. 

There is growth and evolution in trading in India, and people are searching for employment options in this sector. If you wish to make a strong career in the share market, investing and trading can be profitable. Before you look for career prospects, learn about the market and how to start trading with a demo account. This will help get close to the real feel of trading in the market and get a suitable return from it. You have to concentrate on the national stock exchange NSE or the Bombay Stock Exchange BSE for trade dealings.

Top Career in Stock Market

A career in the stock market offers lucrative opportunities for both parties. Consider these job roles if you want to start a career in the stock market.


If you want to invest or trade in the stock market, it is important to have a demo or a trading account. Here, a broker can help you set up the necessary account. The Indian population indicates that stock brokers have growth in their career when starting in the stock market. 

You can start on a small scale by working as a sub-broker ship with an existing broker. You only have to target selling a broker account to a prospective customer. This is a good source to have stable revenue. In a sub-broker business, it is easy to get leads, and it offers financial freedom.

Investment Advisor

You can become an experienced financial advisor or investment advisor to start your career as a consultant in the stock market. A certified advisor should start their career by helping individuals who are planning for comprehensive financial investment in the market. 

If a planner has the correct certification, they can start work as a consultant or start an organization by providing financial services to individuals and organizations. Clients are searching for advisors who have adequate certification in the field for professional guidance and help clients take the right step for a promising outcome from the market.

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Research Analyst

Being a research analyst is a lucrative career path if you are planning to enter the stock market. There can be sell-side and buy-side research, and equity research analysts can help do business in both forms.

In this, the buy-side is the type of market where traders can invest and get involved in large stocks for suitable fund management. On the other hand, the sell-side deals in the creation, promotion, and sell of stock to the public. If you want to start a career as an equity research analyst, go for CA, which makes one highly experienced for the position of an expert analyst in the market. 

Moreover, there can be technical analysts who will study a company’s price charts and give suitable recommendations per the technical indicators. The analyst needs to have a suitable idea of how the indicators work in the stock market and help in the right investment for a trader.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers are mainly for private companies that want to deal with the public via the Initial Public Offering or IPO. It is mainly underwriting new equity issuance, managing mergers, financial advisory, and acquisitions. An investment bank requires suitable training with a minimum qualification in MBA can help one become an expert investment banker.   

Relationship Manager

Relationship managers can help managers improve their relationships with the new and existing customer base and find ways to get new clients. The managers help in presenting the products to customers and giving service to offer better customer satisfaction. The traders should have updated ideas on the share market trends and how to understand the metrics that have positive impacts.     

Market Researcher

A market researcher is equipped with some tangible skills and is ready to answer any details regarding a project. An experienced researcher needs to be useful, curious, and clear about the research objectives and shouldn’t compromise on the research quality. This is mainly possible when the researcher can gain field experience and serve the clients in the best way possible.

The professional is also engaged in understanding and interpreting data, giving a comprehensive idea and gathering critical insights into the business. It is also about handling consumer behavior and competitive activities for the potential market and retaining the sales scale. This is where the person can help make informed and political decisions with adequate market research.

Online Stock Trader

An online stock trader can enjoy higher flexibility in market trading than in a job. This career option gives a chance to build and plan a career at their place. You are your boss, but you need to have the correct knowledge to plan strategies, and it will guarantee decent earnings from the market. This is how it is fruitful to choose online stock trading as a career option in the stock market.

Benefits to enjoy from this career option are:

  • It requires suitable strategy and knowledge to have decent earnings from the market 
  • One can be a trainer or researcher 
  • One can grow from the cash market to the derivative market and make the most of it 

Here, one can also be a SEBI registered advisor for investment or be a research analyst and offer adequate client consultation.

Students in developed countries always prefer looking for a career option in the stock market, unlike India. The trading market is growing and is sure to offer some top career options to aspirants. It requires having suitable knowledge about the stock market and its trend and making the most of it. You should be sure of the prevailing market condition before investing capital in it.

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