Here in this article we have discussed the best job portals in India to help you find the right job. Most of the job positions are filled through the top job portals in india. For job seekers these job search portals are the aid to showcase their talent in front of top recruiters in the market.

Best Job Portals in India

Employees are one of the most precious assets for any organization. In the past, organizations needed to post classified ads to hire an employee. But technology has made it possible to reach unlimited talents through an online tool with just a few clicks.

For any organization and recruiters, job boards are the place to hire the best quality candidates by looking at their resume, experiences, talents, passion and other details. As a result these job sites connect an organization and recruiters with talented employees for the ultimate success of the business. Also, the advantage of a job portal is, the job vacancies become open to a wide variety of talents where anybody can apply for the position from anywhere.

List of Best Job Portals in India


One of the oldest, largest and best job portals in India founded in 1997. This online employment site provides no. of services including access to a database of resumes, job listings, career site manager and recruitment consultants. It has helped people find jobs in India as well as in other countries. is free to use for job seekers to get regular updates on new job postings from the recruiters. With their Premium plan you can get advice on building a quality resume to get attention of the recruiters. It is the no. 1 job search engine in India.

2. Indeed is one of the largest job search engines in India and all around the world. They aggregate the latest job openings from various organizations and recruiters into their site. Beside offering the best job posting and job search tool Indeed also offers the applicant to get an idea about the recruitment company. not only provides the top job opportunities from the whole world but also helps to connect millions of job searches with top recruiters and organizations.

3. Monster

Monster is one of the oldest, well-known and best job sites in India and all around the world. It has a widely expanded job network to provide millions of jobs from various countries and recruiters. Monster is a Weston, Massachusetts based company founded in 1999 and has become the top job portal in the market. They have advanced technology based tools to provide job postings, tracking applications, and managing posting with ease. provides a blog where both the job seekers and recruiters read about the latest job trends and understand the community. helps employers and the future employees to build a connection for the ultimate growth.

5. is a job portal founded in 2008 by HT Media. It helps job seekers to find various jobs from top recruiters and organizations in India. They follow a data-driven and tech-driven approach to connect recruiters with the job seekers. There are many big corporations including SBI Life Insurance, Amazon, ICICI, Infosys etc. offering thousands of jobs to the sob seekers. At organizations and recruiters can post a free job within a minute with pre-designed templates.

5. Linkedln

If you are not very comfortable using online sites and looking to make a connection directly with the recruiters then LinkedIn is the perfect place for you. It is a professional Job network that helps you to get job opportunities from all over the world. You can call it a Job Networking site where employees from various organizations can talk about their experiences with the aspirants. You can spend your time on this site to build a network, make conversations and expand your profile reach.

These are the list of best job portals in India to help you find the right job from top recruiters and organizations. Now, if you are searching for a good salaried job then you can check the top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India.