American English and British English

You might be searching for the difference between American English and British English.

Which one is the best?

Which one you should learn?

It’s really confusing.

In this article, we will clear all your doubts and tell you about the main differences between standard American English and standard British English.

First of all, it is not correct to say one is more correct than other. The things you should aware are the difference between American English and British English. Also, you need to decide which one is more relevant to you.

If you are preparing for an English Exam or Studying in an English University or an English Professional then this article is most suitable for you.

American English vs British English


Accent is the way of pronouncing words in a language. In both American and British English the Pronouncing is very much different.

  • For example how “hot” is pronounced in two different cases are;

American English: Ha:t

British English: H:ot

  • American spells “r” very clearly at the end of the word.

American English: Daughter

British English: Daughte[r]


This is one of the most frustrating differences between these two languages. But there is nothing to worry when you stick with one.

British English American English



There are surprisingly many differences in vocabulary used in British and American English. And the list is never-ending.

For example; the herb “Coriander”;

Used as “Coriander” in British English but surprisingly used as “Cilantro” in American English.


Usage of prepositions in different cases are also different in both Standard British English and Standard American English.

American English: They decided to visit Taj Mahal on the weekend.

British English: They decided to visit Taj Mahal at the weekend.

So, you can see the differences are a lot but, these are less serious and less obvious.