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6 Do’s and Don’ts of Competitive Exam Preparation


Seems like you are about to sit for a competitive exam!

Well, whatever the exam you are going to sit for and irrespective of the challenge, you have to always keep yourself ready. No wonder that exams aren’t easy but to overdo something or undermine a part can result in failure.

Therefore just to ensure that you do things correctly and avoid mistakes, here we will offer the 6 do’s and don’ts that would pave the path to success.

Keep your eyes open:

What To Do?

Since you are willing to pass the entrance exam, you should make sure that you follow the written points- religiously.

  • Articulate a Smart Strategy: When it is about the competitive exam with a vast syllabus, strategy is a must. You have to prepare a routine that would highlight the weaknesses and strengths accordingly.

Estimate the time you would like to enroll for a particular section. Depending on your weakness and strengths, create a routine but make sure you are able to encompass the syllabus before the exam.

  • Work Hard But In a Smart Way: Everyone works hard, but intelligent hardworking has no alternative. Therefore, once you have chalked out your strengths, ensure to make them even stronger.

Improve the weak points but make sure you are not wasting a lot of time on strengthening the weak parts. This again will depend a lot on the marks’ weightage of the section.

If the section carries the highest marks, you have to work on it, but otherwise, you have the strengths to make up for the loss.

  • Read Newspaper: Irrespective of the exam you are sitting for, you have to make sure to read the newspaper daily. Since the competitive exams are more about current affairs and news, you have to stay updated with the daily news.

Besides, just as mentioned about smart hardworking, read the English newspaper to improve your English. This way you can prepare both at the same time.

  • Pay Attention To Logical Reasoning: There will be topics like syllogism, seating arrangement, which are real-time headaches, but you have to go with it.

Keep practicing until you find the trick to get answers within the least time. Remember to practice this section more as it holds great and accurate points.

  • Take Tests: Even if you have completed one topic, sit for a test. Remember to set a time and check your ability to offer the right answer within the given timeslot.

The more you practice, the better you become!

  • Revise! Revise & Revise! It doesn’t matter how many times you have excelled in the test exam you still need to keep preparing. So revision is a consistent part of the journey to crack the exam.

What You Should Not Do?

One mistake can become a lifetime regret! So what to avoid?

  • Don’t Mug Up: Remember this is not a school exam. Therefore mugging up will not help you. So all you need is to engage in the practice.

Understand the concept, learn the trick, and hit the right spot.

  • Don’t Overthink: Will I be able to crack the exam? What if I am not able to answer any? What if my weak points are mostly questioned? Just relax!

Do not overthink, as it will do nothing but take away your confidence. Instead, try to find the tricks to use in the exam so that you can answer correctly within the timeframe.

  • Don’t Stay Awake: If you think that studying overnight will make you learn the trick, then, unfortunately, it is a no. Remember, your brain is the main part, and hence you have to keep your brain rejuvenated by proper sleeping.

Knowledge is absorbed only when your brain is able to grasp it!

  • Don’t Extend Study Time: The routine that you have prepared, pay attention to stick to it. Don’t extend the time, as it won’t help until your brain is willing to do so.
  • Don’t Keep Doing The Same Thing: If you are thinking that doing one thing over and over again can help you to get rid of the weaknesses, then no. The trick is to find the trick and then practice. Only when you know the shortcut to the right answer can you proceed.

Don’t waste your time, rather strengthen your strength to make up for the marks that you couldn’t answer. 

  • Don’t Do The Last-Hour Study: There are many students who tend to mug up things in their last minutes. Well, this is definitely a big No-No when you are preparing for the competitive exam. Instead, take a good sleep and let the exam day feel fresh and ready.


Preparing for the competitive exam can become a challenge, but with proper strategies and knowledge on the do’s and don’ts, it can become attainable.

Wait! If you couldn’t make it up this time, remember every champion had to face failure. So, keep practicing until you reach the goal.

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