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General Knowledge :: Geography

Why General Knowledge Geography?

In this page you can learn and practice General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Geography with detailed solution. These questions and answers will help you to prepare for various competitive exams (UPSC, SSC, PSC, Bank, Railway, Insurance), Entrance Test (CAT, MAT, XAT) and Job interviews.

How to Practice General Knowledge Geography?

Basictell provides you MCQ and Multiple choice quiz type General Knowledge questions and answers on Geography. You can browse detailed answer with explanation on General Knowledge Geography and also can download as PDF Files and eBooks.

How to solve General Knowledge Geography problems for job Interviews?

At first you can try questions answers with exercises. Also discuss General Knowledge Geography questions and answers by practicing shortcut tricks and go through objective type exercises.

Geography :: Questions and Answers



Which planet is called as "God of War"?

A. Mercury.
B. Venus.
C. Mars.
D. Saturn.


The planet Venus covered by the cloud of-

A. Hcl
B. Hno3
C. H2so4
D. None of these.


Which planet is called as "Red Planet"?

A. Mercury.
B. Mars.
C. Venus.
D. Jupiter.


Solar system takes 225-250 million years to travel once around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, this duration of time is known as-

A. Cosmic Year.
B. Leap Year.
C. Galatic Year.
D. Both A and C.


Solar eclipse occurs when-

A. Sun passes between the Moon and Earth.
B. Earth passes between the Moon and Sun.
C. Moon passes between the Sun and Earth.
D. None of these.