Verb is used to state an action in a sentence.

In other word; Verb is a word used to mean being, having and doing.

In modern notion verbs is of two groups; event verbs and state verbs.

Event Verb

Verb which express events or incidents are event verbs.They talk about the bodily movement and force. Such activities can be seen or heard.


Kamala drinks cold milk.
A bird is flying in the sky.
Sachin plays cricket well.
Hiralal reads the Telegraph.
He is reading a report.

Sometimes the event verbs are treated as action verbs or dynamic verb also, as they attract some involvement of bodily movement and force.

Character of Event verbs:

* This verb can take ing form (= the continuous).

* It can represent the events having a start and also an end.

* The action of this verb can be seen or heard.

State Verb

Verbs used to convey the information about state of mind or feeling or state of being are state verbs. They are chiefly related to non-physical category of verbs, as-


I smells pungent.
I feel a stitch while i run.
Who is hungry?
Why doesn't love a child?
She has only a brother.

From the above examples we understand it easily that the verbs say nothing about any action of physical exercise, but rather something about a state of mental preparation. They are verbs of mental activity.

Character of State verbs:

* A state verb normally cannot be used in the continuous tense.

* It expresses so such action that has a beginning or an ending.

Beside this there are two kinds of verb principal verb and auxiliary verb.

Principal verb-

It is known as the main verb use in a sentence.


I am happy.

Auxiliary verb-

It helps another verb to express meaning of a sentence.


He does not know this.