To find average of any number of quantities of the same kind is, to add all the items together and then divide the sum by the number of items.

Average Calculation Formula

Average =Sum of all the given quantities
Number of the given quantities

Average Calculation with Example

If a man earns Rs. 20, Rs. 25, Rs. 28, Rs. 23 and Rs. 24 on five consecutive days of week, he earns a total of = Rs. (20+25+28+23+24) = Rs. 120

To find his average earning per day, his total earning is divided by the number of days.

Average earning per day = 120/5 = Rs. 24

Average earning does not mean that the man earned everyday Rs. 24. But had he earned Rs. 24 everyday, his total earning in 5 days would have been 5 x Rs. 24 = Rs. 120

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