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Biography of Walter De La Mare

Early life of Walter De La Mare

Walter De La Mare was born at Charlton in kent on 25th April 1873. He came back of an old Huguenot family. After he had his education at St. Paul’s Cathedral school, he worked in the office of the Anglo American oil company in London from 1889 to 1909. He began to contribute his poems to some magazines under the assumed name, Walter Ramal.

Walter De La Mare: Life of Travels

His first volume of poems “Songs of Childhood” appeared in 1902 also under his assumed name. From 1902 onwards he began to write both prose and verse. His literary labours were amply rewarded. Recognition came from all quarters. The government of his country granted him an annual pension of one hundred pounds. He was awarded Honorary Litt. D. by Cambridge University, Honorary Li. D. by university of St. Andrews of Scotland and Honorary D. Litt. by Bristol University. He became an honorary fellow of Keble College, Oxford. He was not keeping good health in the last years of his life. He passed away in 1956.

Walter De La Mare poems

Walter de La Mare was not only a poet but also a novelist and a gifted short story writer. Among his poetic works we may mention The Listeners and others poems(1912), Peacock Pie(1913), Poems for children(1930), Bells and Grass(1941), Collected Poems(1942), The Burning Glass and other poems(1945) and the Traveller(1946).