Number of Players in various Sports and Games

Each sports or games played, have different set of rules. Also the number of players or team involved in a sport is also different. Here we have bring a list of the number of players (team) of various sports and games played all over the world.

No. of Players in various Sports

List of various sports and games, played between, and the number of players involved in each side / team.

Sports / GamesPlayed BetweenNumber of Players in each side / team
Badminton2 players (Singles) / 2 teams (Doubles)1 (Singles) / 2 (Doubles)
Baseball2 teams9
Basket Ball2 teams5
Contract bridge4 players (two competing partnerships)2
BilliardsSingle opponents, doubles or teams1 / 2 / teams
Cricket2 teams11
Chess2 players1
Football2 teams11
Hockey2 teams11
Kabaddi2 teams7
Polo2 teams4 (Field polo) / 3 (Arena)
Rugby Football2 teams15
Table Tennis2 players (Singles) / 2 teams (Doubles)1 (Singles) / 2 (Doubles)
Volleyball2 teams6
Water Polo2 teams7 (6 field players and 1 goalkeeper)