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Indian Railways Helpline Numbers for all types of complaints, emergency help while travelling by train

In this guide, we will help you know the Indian Railways Helpline numbers, rules while travelling long-distance by train, IRCTC customer care and more. Keep reading!

  • Is someone has forcefully occupied your reservation seat?
  • Is someone behaving badly with your ladies’ family members?
  • Is the bathroom of your train in bad condition?
  • Are you feeling sick while travelling by train?

Below we have guided you on how to deal patiently with these emergencies.

Also, you will know, Which phone number you should call to inform the railway officials to get help immediately or which app you should use to get quick solutions.

Indian Railways Helpline Numbers

In this post, we will also tell you about the unknown facilities of Indian railways and some important rules.

So that you do not face any difficulties next time you travel by train.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Railway Helpline Number for Seat Complaints

Suppose, you are travelling by train with a reservation ticket and suddenly you see someone come and occupy your seat.

So, do you want to fight with that person?

No, never do this.

Without wasting your time go to your phone SMS box and type:

Seat SPACE “Your PNR Number” SPACE “Your Seat Number” SPACE “Seat Occupied by Unknown Passenger”

Then send the SMS to 139.

After some time, you will see the TTE or RPF present in the train will come and lift the person from your seat.

So, here you don’t need to face any trouble.

Railways Helpline Number for Cleaning

If you are travelling by train and you see the bathrooms are unclean, or the lights are not working, or the water is not running through the basin then, what should you do?

Just open your Phone’s SMS box and type:

PNR SPACE “Your PNR Number” SPACE “Option C or W or E”

  • “C” for cleaning
  • “W” for water problem
  • “E” for electricity problem

Then send the SMS to 58888 or 9200003232.

You will see within 10-15 minutes your problem will be solved.

But, remember from 6 AM to 10 PM this service is not available.

Railways Helpline Number for Ladies Help

Now, if someone is behaving badly with any ladies or any pregnant women facing problems

then call 182 or 1512. You will also get help by calling 139.

Note: If a lady is travelling alone by train and has no ticket then the TTE can fine that girl but, in no way can forcefully get the lady out of the train.

Railways Helpline Number for Medical Emergency

If you are feeling ill travelling by train, what you will do?

Just call 139 and inform the authorities of the train number and seat number.

You will get medical help on the train or at the next station any medical team will arrange emergency treatment for you.

Railways Helpline Number for Luggage & Food

If you have lost your luggage or have any complaints about the food served on the train then, call 139.

Rail Madat App

Now if you want to get all these facilities from one place then download the “Rail Madat App” from the Google PlayStore.

Some Important Rules of Indian Railways while travelling by train

Now, let’s talk about the Railway 10 PM Rule.

  • As per the rules, no one can play loud music on the train after 10 PM or speaking through loudspeaker is also a crime.
  • The passengers of Middle Berth and Lower Berth can only sleep from 10 PM to 6 AM. Using the seat for sleeping more than this time frame is not under the rule.
  • No TTE can request to check the ticket after 10 PM.
  • If someone wants to turn off the lights after 10 PM it’s acceptable under the rules.

Some hidden facilities of Indian Railways.

These facilities are always available for you but you might have never taken it.

If you are a student of the General Category or from the SC/ST category and if you are travelling long-distance train for exam purposes and returning home then, you will get a concession of 50% to 75%. But, this rule is applicable for the 2nd Sitting and Sleeper Class only.

Also, to get the facility you need to have a signed application from your school or college authority.

At present days, there are five-star lounge facilities are available in many major stations. So, if you have a train ticket or if your train is late you can wait, take a rest and eat food in those lounges. Also, you will get FREE Wifi facilities in those lounges.

But remember, the entry fees of these lounges are different for every station so, always check the fees before taking entry.

So, we hope our guide will help while you travelling long-distance by train.

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